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Puffy eyelid

Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi for Puffy Eyelids- Blepheroplasty

Eyelid surgery can be performed for cosmetic correction of facial appearance and for correction of eyelid deformity and functional problem caused by lower eyelid malposition. When necessary, Dr S.K.Chawla at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic performs all cosmetic and corrective eyelid surgery. 

Aging and eyelid changes

Eyes are considered as mirror of a persons heart. The eyes have tremendous impact on facial appearance than any other facial feature. Eyes may be considered as unique and favorite facial feature in many people.


Unfortunately the appearance and attractiveness of the eyes deteriorates significantly with advancing age in both male and female. In fact, in most of the cases the eyes and surrounding area are often the first place to show signs of ageing because the skin is very thin and sensitive compared with the rest of the face.


With advancing age eyelid may develop pigmentation ( Dark circle), laxity of eyelid skin, Depression along lower eyelid ( tear trough deformity ), Bulging of lower eyelid or puffy eyelids ( eyelid bags )


Cosmetic Procedures in Delhi for Blepheroplasty by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

Eyelid surgery or blepheroplasty provides the greatest benefits in facial rejuvenation. It corrects tired, drooping or puffy eyelids bags and brings back youthful contour and long lasting freshness to the eyelids. This puffiness is mainly caused by eyelid fat which start bulging.


To provide natural and precise results Dr chawla uses a specialized internal fixation technique for both upper and lower eyelid surgery (Upper Eyelid blepheroplasty and Lower Eyelid blepheroplasty )


Advanced internal fixation techniques improve the underlying support to the upper and lower eyelid and smoothen eyelid skin and re-create a natural and youthful eyelid shape. Beside internal fixation during eyelid correction excess skin, fat and muscle of eyelid is judiciously removed. In lower eyelid almost invisible scars are hidden along the lash line or in the upper eyelid crease where they are easily concealed with everyday make-up.


Eyelid surgery is performed in our South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic under local anaesthesia making eyelid numb. Results of blepheroplasty are long lasting to permanent.


Complication of blepheroplasty Cosmetic Surgery


Initially you may have swelling of both upper and lower eyelids and eyes are closed. You may also have bluish discoloration of eyelids. These subside within couple of days. Infection, gaping of wound and collection of blood are infrequent but may happen.

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