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Hair fall treatment

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hair Fall Treatment

Hair fall treatment is most demanded treatment in hair clinic by both man and woman. Various different hair fall treatments  are used by people having hair fall problem. Various home made remedies are also used to prevent hair fall. Most of the remedies for hair fall treatment are advised without any clinical proof.

But as a plastic surgeon it is very important to advice a treatment which is clinically proven for hair fall prevention. There are multiple clinically proven therapies are available for hair loss treatment.

What Are The Causes of Hair Fall?

Hair fall is a common problem in both men and women. There are different reason of hair fall in case of men than women. Pattern of hair fall is also different.

In men most common cause of hair fall is related with the male hormone and it is called as Androgenic Aloepecia.

In case of women It is not related with hormone.

This is why hair loss treatment for man is different than that of woman.


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