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Hair Restoration in Delhi Using FUE and FUT Hair Transplant Methods


“Hair Transplantation” is a surgical method of treating baldness in both men and women. In simple words, one can describe Hair transplant in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, as a method of redistribution of remaining hair to bald area or the area of reduced hair density. ‘Hair Transplantation in Delhi’ or ‘Hair Grafting’ is absolutely safe procedure. To hide baldness now we have the quality treatment of Hair transplant in best Hair Clinic in Delhi.


The hair restoration procedure by this specialized medical procedure involves removal of individual hair follicle or roots from the safe donor area or ‘donor site’ , usually from back of head. Back side of the head has maximum hairs. In certain cases, when there is inadequate hair growth, doctors take body hair for the transplantation process. The intact hair follicles are transplanted to the ‘recipient site’ or bald scalp.


People( male or female) seeking for the reliable Hair Clinic in Delhi, we promise to provide best treatment of baldness or Hair regrowth solution in Delhi. We assure our client reasonable Hair transplant cost in Delhi which is very affordable, contact to know more about the cost.


South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic is providing Hair transplant by latest and highly advanced techniques. We are one of  the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, we promise to offer highest level of satisfaction to our clients from pre operative consultation to the surgical procedure. Moreover, we also provide consultation and treatment to the patients suffering from the problem of hair fall treatment, broken hairs and dandruffs in addition to the Hair Transplantation in Delhi.


Consultation with best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi for Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi 

we offer various Hair replacement services and Hair treatment at our Cosmetic Surgery /hair transplant Clinic in Delhi. During consultation we help you to find the best solution for your situation. We offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures for Hair restoration in Delhi in a friendly, relaxed and confidential environment.


Every detail about you are kept confidential and private. After initial consultation with our adept Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Surendra Chawla, known for his expertise in Hair Transplantation in Delhi,  a final treatment plan and best option to give to best aesthetic result can be decided.


Hair Transplant in Delhi 

The repute of SDCC as Hair Clinic in Delhi can be evaluated by the fact that our client base not only belongs from India but from many other countries. They have had their Hair transplant surgery performed at our clinic. Dr. S.K.Chawla, a reputed Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi , India. He has performed more than 400 cases of Hair Transplantation in Delhi. Dr. Chawla best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi has maintained his commitment to excellence by treating patient with advanced techniques of hair grafting including Micro-follicular or Strip method and FUE method.


Micro-follicular or Strip technique is the procedure of harvesting a long strip of hair bearing skin from back part of head. The donor area of strip gets closed by the surgeons using an advanced procedure, “Trichophytic Closure”. Our dermatologists used a painless and scarless technique called as FUE in which the donor area usually heals itself within 72 hrs. It takes almost 6 to 12 hours to complete the surgery depending upon the area of the bald area.


Surgical Hair Transplantation in Delhi/ Hair Restoration in Delhi 

Causes of Hair Loss 

In man Most common cause of hair fall is Genetic make up.In most of families children have hair loss like their father and uncle. It is also caused by combination of aging, changes of hormonal level , Anti-cancer medicine, chronic illnesses. If hair fall begins in early stage then baldness is more severe. Sometime Hair replacement Surgery  in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, is done in the cases where hair loss is associated with trauma and burn. It is considered as reconstructive surgery.

Donor Area of Hair for Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi 

Hair transplant in Delhi,  is basically a hair redistribution procedure in which we use your existing hairs. Most commonly we take hairs from back and side of head because these hairs do not fall in most of the cases as they are not affected by hormones. In cases where insufficient hairs are available on head we now harvest from chest , beard area .

Various Techniques of Hair Replacement in Delhi 

There are number of techniques have been developed for hair transplant till fate but only FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and micro-follicular unit transplant by strip method are being used world wide. We offer latest techniques, our Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Surendra Chawla,  have an extensive range of experience in offering Follicular Unit Extraction and micro-follicular strip hair replacement techniques meaning that we can provide a fast efficient form of Hair replacement in Delhi, that will provide impressive results

FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi 

South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic boasts a wealth of expertise in offering Hair restoration in Delhi by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method.  The Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant technique is the latest minimally invasive technique of Hair replacement in Delhi. In FUE hair transplant our Cosmetic Surgeons extract follicles individually from a donor area ( back and side of skull ) and transplant them on balding areas of the scalp. This extremely efficient technique of hair replacement is also known as Stitchless, Scarless and almost painless technique. There is minimal loss of the follicles that are extracted are wasted and the patient benefits from a minimally invasive method of surgery. The results of FUE hair transplant are impressive and our best Cosmetic surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Surendra Chawla,  is able to provide you natural looking results..

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Main advantage of FUE Hair Transplant South Delhi method is:


  • No linear scar in the donor site
  • Avoidance of scalpel and stitches
  • Fast healing early results
  • Less invasive
  • Minimal post operation pain


Sometime this can be combined with strip method to gain large number of grafts to cover very large bald area.


Hair regrowth in Delhi by Modern Micro Follicular Unit Transplantation


Micro follicular Unit Transplantation, is highly improvised and excellent form of Hair transplant/replacement/regrowth surgery in Delhi It this method our Cosmetic Surgeon inject local anaesthetic drug in the back side of head which is called as ‘donor’ area.


After making donor area numb by local anaesthetic injection our surgeon take out a strip of hair bearing area of approximately 1.2-2.0 cm size. Under magnification strip is first dissected in slivers, and then the slivers are dissected into follicular units or grafts each measuring approx. 1mm in width by a team of highly advanced technician. These follicular units are stored at low temperature before relocating them to bald or thinning area. It is done in very atraumatic way for better survival of the hairs and a more natural-looking result.


Trichophytic closure: 

This is the most refined method of donor site wound closure. Here our best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi close the wound in different layers in such a way that it give a minimally visible scar and hair of donor site grow through this scar. After few months it appears as a thin line and hair above cover it completely.

After harvesting strip our surgeon make micro slits by needle or special microblade. These follicular units are placed in the hairs are placed in the bald area following direction and angle of existing hairs to give you realistic look. Our surgeons pack approximately 40-50 hair follicles or 88-110 hairs per cm square per operation. In one session almost 2000-4500 follicles can be transplanted.

Non Surgical Method: 

With our hair duplication process, you can regain the natural look and feel of a full head of hair in just few hours. Our team give you the best look by various internationally proven hair replacement services like hair Bonding, Wefting and hair Extension.Our personalized custom hair replacement and integration solutions are so incredibly natural, both to the eye as well as the touch, that you can shower, exercise, or walk into the wind without detection or anxiety and help you achieve natural appearance while using safe and effective methods.



For more information, please contact our Hair Clinic in Delhi for consulting our adept Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, Dr.Surendra Chawla.  If you are looking for a hair transplantation in Delhi book an appointment now! Contact us 8860906117.

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