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Birthmark Removal

Laser Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi for Birth Mark Removal by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

Birth Marks are abnormal development of few skin component which proliferate abnormally and give rise to different kind of birth marks or skin imperfections.

What are the common birth mark?

* Portwine stain

* Hemangioma

* Black hairy nevus

* Epidermal nevus

* Nevus of ota

* Bakers nevus

How does the birth mark look?

Birth marks are of variable colours, shapes and sizes. It depends upon the nature of abnormal content of the birth mark. If abnormal blood vessel they may vary from pink, red to bluish discoloration of skin.


If abnormal pigment – bluish, black or brown spots. Their size can vary from few cm to few inches. They can be flat or elevated above the level of skin surface.

How Birth Mark behave after Birth?

All birth marks do not behave uniformly. Depending upon their type some of them remain stable, progress in size or expand in size progressively.

Does birth mark require treatment?

Not all birth mark require treatment and can be left as such.They should be treated if –

* They compress any vital structure

* Bleed off and on

* Cosmetically disturbing

* Risks of developing into cancer

Laser Cosmetic Procedure in Delhi for treatment of birth marks

Birth marks are treated by various methods, they are-

* Injection

Laser Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery

Laser is the latest and safe technique being used for the cosmetic treatment of birthmarks. Various types of lasers are being offered by South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic in Delhi for the treatment of birthmarks. Pulse Dye Laser, Q-switch Nd Yag are the commonly offered laser for different birth marks. Multiple sessions are required for the different birthmarks. It gives you scarless removal of birthmark. Laser treatment for birthmark is almost painless.


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