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    Face Plastic Surgery-How To Change Whole Face ?

    December 31, 2019

    Face Changing Surgery |Face Cosmetic Surgery Delhi

    face plastic surgery

    Face plastic Surgery is very common these days. Everybody wants to look good and beautiful as a result demand of plastic surgery is increasing. There are many structures on face which can be modified to enhance beauty.

    A beautiful face has nose, lip cheek, chin and bone in proportion with each other. Harmony of all structures make you beautiful. Skin should be smooth, scar-less and flawless. There should be adequate amount of fat below skin. This fat is necessary for glow of face.

    Every human being has different face shape and various component of face like nose eye, lip, cheek are of different shape and size.

    Face shape is determined by genetic structure of an individual as a result every individual looks different. Facial frame is formed by bones and cartilage of face.

    Many individuals are demanding complete face change. They visit plastic surgery clinic for complete face change. Most of them are not happy with their face so they want to go for complete face change.

    Is It Possible to Change Complete look by cosmetic Surgery?

    One should be very clear that any shape changing surgery is not easy. One must know that one or more face component like nose or cheek can be modified. It is unrealistic to get whole face changed.

    What are the different Changes which can be made on face –

    Hair Replacement Bald man can get hair back by hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery gives very good results because it makes a major change in look.

    Nose Shape Modification Rhinoplasty Nose is most prominent structure of face therefore man and woman both want to reshape it. Various nose shape changes which are commonly done are :-

    Removal of nose hump

    Narrowing of broad nose

    Elevation of depressed nose

    Reduction of long nose

    Nose tip modification

    Eyelid Surgery- Eyelid surgery or blepheroplasty can remove loose baggy skin. Eyelid surgery also helps in removing dark circle of eyes.

    Cheek surgery – Chubby cheek can be corrected by buccal fat pad removal. Hollow cheek can also be modified by fat grafting of face. Cheek dimple is considered as sign of beauty therefore it is a common surgery these days.

    Lip surgery- lip surgery is one of the commonest surgery among both man and woman. Reduction of lip can be done by removal of some part of lip. Rejuvenation or enhancement of thin lips can be done by dermal fillers and fat grafting.

    Chin Surgery chin surgery or genioplasty can make chin smaller or bigger. It can bring chin backward or forward depending upon the position of chin. Strong chin is commonly demanded by man these days because it is considered as manly feature.

    Besides chin other facial bones like cheek bone and jaw bones can be modified to enhance beauty.

    Change of Skin color or skin whitening- many young people visit cosmetic clinic to improve the complexion of their skin. It is done by medical treatment so it is a non surgical treatment.

    Fat Grafting of Face- It is also a recent method to reshape your face and give a balanced and beautiful look.

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