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    How Can plastic surgery change Childish face?

    July 5, 2019

    Face Plastic Surgery to Change Face

    Plastic surgery Cosmetic Surgery In Delhi

    Face Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery of face is performed to modify or improve facial features so that face look more balanced, beautiful and symmetrical.

     A plastic surgeon can modify or correct these features but bun should not expect that complete face can be changed.

    It is a myth that plastic surgery can change complete face as shown in movies. However few cases of face transplant has been done but it is not possible in all cases.

    A plastic Surgeon can modify the nose cheek forehead lip chin and jawline.

    How Facial Features are modified by Plastic Surgery?

    This modification is done by reducing or augmenting the bone and soft tissue of face

    Most of the Bony changes are done in cheek bone forehead and jaw line or chin . This is called as maxillofacial surgery or orthognathic surgery. These bony modifications are done by using bone implant or or bone graft.

    What is Bone Grafting?

    Bone grafting is done by taking a small part of bone from skull, rib or pelvic bone. This bone is modified according to the desired shape and fixed with plate and screw.

    How is Soft Tissue Augmantation of Face Done?

    Soft tissue augmentation on face is done by injecting dermal fillers . Most common dermal filler used by plastic surgeon is hyaluronic acid. It is given by injection not by surgery.

     Fat grafting is also a technique of soft tissue augmentation. Plastic surgeon takes out required amount of fat from thigh or tummy area and transfer it to face .

    Face volume reduction like double chin correction by Liposuction.

    Some times a person may have or feel that facial features are childish even in adult age. Most common childish facial feature is chubby cheek.

    So one should discuss in detail with his or her plastic surgeon about the changes you need and whether it is possible or not and if answer is yes then discuss in detail about the procedure.

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