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    Is Hair Transplant Surgery a Painful Procedure?

    June 26, 2020

    How painful is the hair transplant surgery? 

    Hair Transplant surgery

    This is the commonest question many of the people who are looking for hair transplant surgery usually ask.

    Hair transplantation is almost painless surgery because it is normally performed in local anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia means surgeon will make the scalp numb. Now a days many medicine which are used for making small body area numb are available. These medicines are called as local anaesthetic drugs. These medicines work for 5-8 hours.

    Hair transplant surgeon injects these local anaesthetic medicines into the scalp through a very fine needle so that you feel minimal pain of injection. Once it is injected into scalp skin you feel whole scalp numb. Your hair transplantation is absolutely painless after these injections.

    Local Anaesthesia in Donor Area

    First these injections are given in donor area where hairs will be harvested from for transplantation. Only two injections are given on back of head which is the main donor area. You will not feel any pain during follicular graft harvesting (FUE) or strip harvesting (FUT).

    After graft has been taken out, bald area or recipient area is  prepared for hair graft implantation.

    Anaesthesia in Bald Area

    If front area is bald then two injections are given in forehead and whole of your front head become numb.

    So local anaesthesia makes whole procedure almost painless. You can read magazine, play video game or listen music during your hair restoration procedure.

    How painful is fue hair transplant?

    Pain after procedure is very minimal in FUE Hair grafting method. In FUE method no incision is given. Most of clients feel minimal pain and more comfortable after FUE method. Most of them give their feedback that they took analgesic only for one or two days after hair transplant surgery.

    Is FUT hair transplant painful?

    In FUT method, transplant surgeon takes out a strip of skin from back of head and stitches are applied at the site of strip removal. Most of hair transplant clients complain of pain at this suture line.

    So to conclude hair transplant is almost painless procedure however it depends upon type of procedure also. You feel pain of initial needle prick only that too at 3-4 places on head.

    During hair transplant no pain is felt. After hair transplant procedure is complete, pain is almost nil.

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