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    Merits and Demerits of Cosmetic Surgery

    August 24, 2019

    Merits and Demerits of Cosmetic Surgery

    Merits and Demerits of Cosmetic Surgery

    What Are The Merits Of Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic Surgery also has its merits and demerits like any other surgery.

    There are following merits of cosmetic surgery-

    1. If someone is bothered about one’s facial features or wants to improve the appearance of a part of face like nose, eyelid , lip then cosmetic surgery is very helpful to achieve the goal.
    2. Cosmetic surgery is very helpful in getting your body shape by various procedures like Liposuction or tummy tuck.
    3. There is lot of body disfigurement after massive weight loss and pregnancy. In such cases cosmetic surgery help you to gain pre-pregnancy body shape. Body lift, Breast lift and Abdominoplasty or Mommymakeover are the common cosmetic treatments It not only help you getting shape but also regain your confidence and sexuality.
    4. Cosmetic Surgery enhances your beauty and aesthetic appearance which is helpful in your carrier in fashion and other industry where look matters.
    5. Perfect body shape and your beautiful look enhance your self-consciousness and self esteem.
    6. Many people who get desired results with cosmetic surgery express that they feel more confident after surgery and it has changed their life.

    Demerits of Cosmetic Surgery-

    Its not that cosmetic surgery has only merits. There are certain demerits also related with cosmetic surgery-

    1. If surgery went wrong or develops any complication due to any reason, it is a major cause of disappointment.
    2. You should not take any decision regarding cosmetic surgery in hurry. It is very important to discuss you expectation and desire with cosmetic surgeon. Unrealistic expectation with cosmetic surgery is major cause of unhappiness.
    3. If primary surgery went wrong then revision surgery are difficult. Results of revision surgery are not very pleasing.
    4. High Cost of cosmetic treatment is also important demerit.

    Above mentioned are certain important merits and demerits of cosmetic surgery. You must consult with your cosmetic surgeon in detail about the procedure and related complication. If you have any doubts again discuss with doctor.

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