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    Non Surgical Hair Transplant- what you must know.

    July 4, 2020

    Non Surgical Hair Transplant- True or False

    non surgical hair transplant

    Non surgical hair transplant- is it a real term?

    Recently an article for the treatment of hair loss was published in Hindustan times brand post .

    “How celebrity turned entrepreneur Alka Verma is bringing back confidence with non surgical hair transplant”.

    How can hair transplant be non surgical?

    Truth behind non Surgical hair transplant-

    When you go through full article, you will come to know that it is nothing but a non surgical hair replacement technique. But it is being named and marketed as non surgical transplant.

    What in real sense Alka verma offering is a hair patch made of natural hairs. These patches are available in market in different sizes with different shades of hairs. One can get desired hair density, length and shade of hairs with these patches. These patches are fixed with clips in natural hairs or with adhesive tapes.

    hair patch

    So it is completely non surgical treatment and it should not be advertised as non surgical hair transplantation. There is no implantation of hairs in this treatment.

    It is basically a camouflage procedure by replacement of hairs and  commonly known as hair replacement.

    This hair replacement therapy has been shown in recently released two bollywood movies  Bala and Ujda Chaman .

    What is Transplant:

    Many transplant treatments we commonly hear in our day today life like kidney transplant, heart transplant, hand transplant.

    Trans – means from one part of body to other part or from one person to other person

    Plant – means attaching or fixing inside body

    In all transplant surgeries one tissue or organ is taken out from a donor’s body and implanted in recipients body . This is a complex surgical procedure.

    What is Hair Transplant:

    In hair transplantation treatment hairs are harvested from back of head of a person and fixed inside skin in the bald area.

    This is a well established surgical treatment. It is mostly performed either by trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon

    So one must be aware that “hair transplantation” can not be a non surgical treatment. Those who are looking for non surgical treatment or are not good candidate for transplantation treatment can avail non surgical treatment.

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