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    Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery During Coronavirus Pandemic

    May 9, 2020

    Plastic and cosmetic surgery during coronavirus pandemic

    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are not emergency procedures . These are elective surgeries like hair transplant, liposuction, tummy tuck and gynecomastia

    During coronavirus pandemic when there is lockdown in every country and city. People are spending lot of time at home with their family. Some find this time an opportunity and want to utilize this time during recovery of plastic surgery

    Mr Kumar called a plastic surgeon for the treatment of keloid of ear of his daughter. He was insisting to get this treatment done during the period of lockdown so that his daughter will get recovered before this period is over.

    If you are thinking lockdown period as an opportunity to undergo a cosmetic treatment and get recovered then it would be better if you think again and plan for some other time.

    Around the world many hospitals which were regularly offering cosmetic surgeries have stopped all the elective plastic surgery treatment. Some hospitals have made arrangement for coronavirus patients only.

    Immunity After Surgery

    When you undergo any kind of surgery it breaks your skin and underlying tissue. it makes you more prone for infection. If you have a surgery done under general anaesthesia your immune system has to work hard to keep your internal body safe from all kind of infections. It takes long time to recover.

    Dr Jonathan Kaplan, a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery. “Additionally, operating on anyone, even a healthy patient, puts them in a transiently compromised state—so if a cosmetic patient caught COVID-19 after their procedure, they could conceivably become sicker than if they didn’t just have a procedure.”

    So during corona virus pandemic period it is very important to keep your immune system at full strength. You cannot take any risk which can affect your immunity.

    Cross infection from plastic surgery team

    Plastic surgery is a team procedure. Multiple people are involved in executing  any surgery. Medical professionals are at risk of getting infected. Many of coronavirus infected cases are asymptomatic. So you may get cross infection from medical team.

    Responsibility of Plastic Surgeon

    Plastic surgery association  of America has issued an advisory for plastic surgeons to maintain social distancing, postpone all elective surgeries and non urgent consults and non essential personnel in their clinic and operating room.

    So to prevent spread of infection or avoiding exposure to coronavirus it is necessary to avoid any elective plastic surgery treatment during this unfortunate pandemic.

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