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    Plastic Surgery of Bulky Arm

    January 2, 2020

    Plastic Surgery Treatment of Bulky Arm Delhi

    Bulky arm is also termed as lymphedema of arm. It may either be present since birth or it may develop during life time.

    Causes of Bulky Arm-

    Lymphedema may be caused by developmental anomaly of lymph vessels. These vessels are either absent or abnormal in size and function.

    One may develop bulky arm whenever there is injury in upper arm or after breast surgery.

    Size or circumference of arm increases when there is deposition fluid and fibrous tissue.

     Abnormal localized fat deposition in arm also produce heavy arm.

    Case Report-

    We have recently operated a case of bulky arm. Patient Dinesh, a 26 years male visited our out-patient department. Size of right arm of this patient Dinesh was progressively increasing.

    He did not give any history of previous surgery.


    His arm was swollen from hand to shoulder. It was huge in size below the elbow. Arm was not very soft so it was having any fluid collection. It was not very hard also.

    Dinesh was not able to use his right arm because of heaviness. He wanted to get rid of this problem. Arm was so heavy that he had to use his other arm to manage it.


    We investigated him to find out the cause of gross bulk in his right arm. MRI of right arm was done. Report of MRI showed that there is gross aft deposition below skin. It was not in deep compartment of arm.

     Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Treatment of heavy limb-

    We explained to patient that we can reduce the bulk of his arm. He will need a surgery for that. We had explained him that it is difficult to make limb equal to other limb. He was ready to undergo surgery.

    Our team of plastic surgeon operated him. Gross amount of skin and fat above muscle compartment were removed. He lost lot of volume of arm after surgery. He did not develop any complication after surgery.

    bulky arm treatment

    Before After Bulky arm reduction

    Patient was very happy with the results of plastic surgery. He was able to use his arm in his routine activities after few weeks.

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