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    Plastic Surgery Treatment – Best Time

    August 2, 2019

    Plastic surgery Cosmetic Surgery In DelhiBest Plastic Surgery Timing

    Are you willing to get a plastic surgery Treatment done?

    Are you concerned about the best time to get successful plastic surgery?

    Many people are looking for aesthetic or reconstructive plastic surgery treatment. Since it is not an emergency treatment so one can plan one,s surgery according to the most suitable timing.

    Importance of Best Timing for aesthetic surgery

    Everybody wants to have a successful surgery without any complication. That is why they want to get it done at the best timing.

    Many people are concerned with the seasonal variation of the year and they believe that winter is the best time for plastic surgery.

    Best time for Plastic Surgery Treatment of Congenital Problems:

    Most common congenital problems which are present since birth are cleft lip and cleft palate, syndactyly incomplete or non separation of two or more fingers since birth), external ear problems ( Microtia) or under development of face and hypospadias ( A incomplete development of male urinary tube in penis.

    Best timing for cleft lip plastic surgery is 3-6 month and for cleft palate between 9 month to 1 year of age.

    Fingers and urinary tube problems are treated before the age of 4 years or before going school.

    Best timing for Ear reconstruction surgery is around 8 years of age.

    Reconstructive plastic Surgery

    Reconstructive surgeries are performed for the various reasons. Reconstruction after injury are performed as early as possible.

    Reconstruction after cancer surgery is done simultaneously after cancer removal.

    If there is risk of infection or patient is not clinically stable then plastic surgery can be postponed for few days.

    Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

    Aesthetic surgery can be performed at any suitable time. Availability of better hospital conditions and better antibiotics have made it possible. Risk of infection is almost nil. Plastic surgeon does not bother about the seasonal variation.

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