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    IPL Photofacial-Laser Face Rejuvenation


    IPL Photofacial is a unique latest method of facial rejuvenation in which low level laser energy is used to improve the facial glow, reduce facial pigmentation, fine wrinkles and give you soft, smooth, uniform skin. It is a non surgical safe method for facial rejuvenation, anti aging and wrinkle treatment.

    You can get rid of your unaesthetic, unwanted facial pigment by  customized photo-facial treatment program at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic.

    How it is different from a normal Beauty facial?

    Normally beauty facial helps in superficial cleaning and temporarily increases blood flow. It cannot remove deep pigment or facial wrinkles reduction by stimulating deeper layer of skin.

    Benefits of photo-facial done by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

    It can address various skin imperfections like age spots on face, red-brown spots fine wrinkles. It stimulates collagen production in deeper layers of skin which helps in improving thickness of skin.

    Brown color cheek pigment problem commonly found in women and man can be improved with Photofacial treatment. This pigmentation problem is known as melasma.

    How does “IPL Photofacial” produce beneficial effects?

    Photofacial boosts energy to outer layer of your skin. As the laser treatment light penetrate in your skin it stimulate collagen formation hence produce healthier and younger skin.

    It may require multiple sessions to achieve desired results depending upon the skin imperfection. Time interval between two sessions is usually three weeks.

    Side effects-

    Although rare but a person may develop few side effects like:

    • Redness- usually goes within few hours but may persist for a couple of days.
    • Swelling- cold sponging after photofacial prevents it.

    After care of IPL photo facial-

    • Avoid exposing yourself to excess heat.
    • Use sunscreen half an hour before going into the sunlight.

    How do you feel after?

    You feel smoother and younger skin with minor skin problems like sun damage, pigmented spots wide pores already addressed.

    Cost Of IPL Photofacial-

    Cost of IPL photo rejuvenation is slightly higher than other non-surgical face rejuvenation method like microdermabrasion and chemical peel . It is less costly and less invasive that cosmetic surgery and CO2 fraxel laser rejuvenation. At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic we offer photofacial at cost of 3000 INR  only for one session.

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