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    Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

    Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Delhi India

    Reconstructive plastic surgery and plastic surgery terms are used for same purpose. But cosmetic surgery is used for different purpose.

    What is reconstructive Plastic Surgery Meaning?

    Reconstructive surgery is a surgery which is done to reconstruct the defects and deformities so that one can look like normal.

    On the contrary cosmetic surgery is meant for enhancing beauty of a normal looking person.

    Deformities of face, Neck, Limbs and Body develop after Burn, Surgery like  cancer surgery, accident,  infection and birth deformity.

    Defects are also developed by skin, muscle and bone loss

    Reconstructive surgery doctors are trained plastic surgeon.

    How Is Reconstructive Surgery Executed?

    Human body is very complex structure. If there is loss of any body organ and body tissue then it need to be replaced or reconstructed by other tissue. Plastic surgeon harvest skin, fascia, muscle bone, nerve and vessels from healthy area to reconstruct these defects and deformities

    Following are the examples of reconstructive surgeries-

    Reconstructive Surgery After Mastectomy

    Mastectomy means removal of breast tissue. Mastectomy surgery is performed in women who develop breast cancer. Reconstructive surgery is done after breast cancer removal to maintain self esteem and confidence. Breast reconstruction is done by taking Skin, fat and muscle from tummy area .

    Reconstructive Surgery After Burn- 

    Deep burns create lot of deformities in any burnt area. Most commonly these deformities develop on face, neck, hand feet and joints. Reconstructive burn surgery not only help in improving appearance but also improve functionally.

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