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    How to Reduce Male Breast?

    February 12, 2020

    Various Options To Reduce Male Breast-

    Reduce Male Breast but How

    Do you want to male breast? Are you suffering from male breast problem? Then it is very important to know about the best treatment to reduce it.

    Male breast is a common problem these days. Number of young person attending cosmetic surgery clinic is increasing.

    What is the best non surgical treatment to reduce male breast?

    If you search on internet you will find so many treatments for the reduction of gynecomastia or man breast. Most of the people choose non surgical home remedies to get rid of gynecomastia.

    Most common non surgical treatment is weight loss exercise or gymming. Some people use restricted diet and compression vest.

    All these methods help in developing chest  muscles and loss of body fat.

    Man Breast has gland inside it. These glands are situated between skin and chest muscles. These muscles become bigger in size with exercise but glands remain unaffected. This is why any exercise is of no use to reduce male breast.

    Can Dieting Reduce Male Breast?

    Diet restriction is helpful in reducing fat only from whole of body. Many people believe that it can reduce male breast. Breast gland is a firm structure. It cannot be removed by Diet restriction.

    Is Surgery Helpful in Man boobs reduction?

    Of course, gynecomastia surgery is the best and most successful treatment for man breast. Association of Plastic Surgeon of America also recommends surgery for male breast reduction.

    Gynecomastia Surgery Before After

    How Is Man Breast Surgery Done?

    Gynecomastia surgery not only reduces man Breast  but also help in reshaping the chest.

    Plastic surgeon first removes the resistant fat around the gland and reduce the volume. Then a small cut is given around nipple and gland is removed through it.

    Benefits of Surgery-

    Breast gland is removed and you get flat man chest

    Invisible Scar

    One time treatment

    Boost your confidence and self esteem

    You can enjoy outdoor games and wear body fit clothes.

    What are the major risks of gynecomastia surgery?

    Gynecomastia surgery is safe surgery if done by a qualified plastic surgeon. It has no major side effects.

    Few side effects like swelling, bruises are temporary and disappear within few days.

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