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    Does hair Transplant Procedure Hurts

    December 11, 2019

    Pain in Hair Transplant procedure |Is Hair Transplant a Painful Procedure?

    Hair Transplant

    Hair Transplant procedure is most demanded hair restoration treatment in man these days. According to a report published hair transplant in male gain the maximum market share of approx 6.5 billion USD in USA. In India also it is gaining momentum due to high incidence of hair loss at early age.

    Although Hair transplant procedure is an invasive hair restoration treatment but patients don’t feel any pain when it is performed . This operation is done under local anaesthesia in which transplant surgeon inject numbing solution (Xylocaine) into scalp to make it numb and you don’t feel any pain during surgery.

    Although pain during surgery is almost nil and patient is very comfortable during surgery but one must know that Pain during surgery surgery depends upon-

    1. Technique of hair transplant-

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