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    June 7, 2023

    Best_rhinoplasty_surgeon_in Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping the nose to improve its aesthetic appearance and functionality. This article explores the intricacies of rhinoplasty and highlights the expertise offered by the South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, a renowned destination for cosmetic procedures in South Delhi. By providing comprehensive information about rhinoplasty and its benefits, this article aims to educate readers about the procedure while promoting the expertise and services available at the clinic. Understanding Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed on the nose to alter its shape, size, or proportions. The procedure is commonly sought by individuals dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose or those seeking to correct functional issues such as difficulty breathing. Rhinoplasty can address various concerns, including a crooked nose, a bump on the bridge, a wide nasal tip, or a deviated septum. At the South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, a team of experienced plastic surgeons specializes in performing rhinoplasty procedures. Led by Dr Surendra Chawla, the clinic offers state-of-the-art f

    May 28, 2023

    Hair Transplant A hair transplant can be a life-changing solution if you’re struggling with hair loss or thinning hair. South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic is a leading provider of hair transplant services in South Delhi, specializing in state-of-the-art techniques to help you regain a fuller, more youthful head of hair. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of hair transplant procedures offered at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, highlighting their expertise, advanced technology, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Read on to discover how their skilled team can help transform your appearance and boost your confidence. Understanding Hair Transplant: Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area, typically the back or sides of the scalp, and transplanting them into the recipient area, where hair loss or thinning has occurred. At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, their highly trained and experienced surgeons perform hair transplant procedures with utmost precision and artistry to achieve natural-looking results. Advanced Techniques at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic: South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic prides itself o

    May 13, 2023

    If you’re looking for the best plastic surgeon in Delhi, you might want to consider South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic. This clinic is known for its world-class cosmetic surgery procedures and the team of highly experienced surgeons who work there. The clinic offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tucks, facelifts, and more. Each procedure is tailored to the individual needs of the patient, and the surgeons use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the best possible results. What sets South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic apart from other clinics is its commitment to patient care. The clinic’s staff are dedicated to making sure that patients feel comfortable and informed throughout their entire treatment journey. They take the time to listen to each patient’s concerns and provide personalized advice and guidance to help them achieve their cosmetic goals. Another thing that sets South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic apart is its state-of-the-art facilities. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, including a fully equipped operating theatre, advanced imaging systems, and modern recovery rooms. This ensures

    January 26, 2023

    Microtia a Birth Defect-

    Microtia and Microtia surgery Microtia and Microtia Surgery is done for a birth defect that affects the external ear of the newborn child. Micro means small and otia means ear

    A newly born child with microtia either has a smaller size ear or has just remnants of the ear. . It can affect one side or both sides of the ear. This birth defect can run in families. If a child has microtia on both sides they may have deformities of other facial bones also. Both male and female children may have this birth defect.

    The ear canal is also absent in these children.

    It happens because there is a developmental anomaly of branchial arches that are responsible for face development.

    Microtia does not affect internal Ear-

    April 24, 2019

    Forehead Injury Scar|Scar Removal Surgery Delhi

    Injury scar on face are not acceptable to anybody. Both men and women are very concerned about scar on face. So Many of them visit plastic surgery clinic for scar removal surgery.

    Mr Vikram presented with a bad injury scar on forehead after a roadside accident. It was creating cosmetic problem to him. He was very much concerned with bad appearance of face. According to him, this scar was affecting his personality and confidence.

    Foread Injury Mark

    He visited plastic surgeon for consultation regarding treatment. He was examined and advised for plastic surgery treatment of scar. Doctor informed him that scar can be improved up-to great extent but would not v

    February 13, 2019

    Liposuction Of Calf | Liposuction of Leg and  Reduction of Calf in Delhi

    calf and Leg Liposuction

    Liposuction of calf is demanded by few of person mainly by women these days. Usually liposuction of tummy, thigh, hip and arm is demanded. Few of women has slim upper body but they have bulky calves. These women are often willing to undergo liposuction treatment of calf.

    Calf and lower leg have a well defined shape  in both man and women. In some people when there is fat deposition which hides its curves then it looks aesthetically unpleasant. Calf appear

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    February 7, 2019

    Laser vaginal Rejuvenation in Delhi

    Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Laser vaginal rejuvenation means when laser is used for the Laser vaginal therapy. There is a misconception that laser is helpful in vaginal tightening.  Some doctors refer it as laser vaginal tightening.

    Vagina has muscles in its wall. When these muscles and other pelvic muscles become lax due to child birth and aging it causes vaginal laxity. This is corrected by vaginal muscles tightening surgery not by laser.

    Laser vaginal therapy is usually combined with vaginal tightening surgery.

    Laser treatment is commonly used for various rejuvenation treatments now days. Vaginal rejuvenation by laser is used to improve the various changes in inner layer of vagina.

    Role of Laser Treatment in vaginal rejuvenation

    There are certain changes which develop in vagina with advancing age. As the age a

    August 2, 2018

    Gynecomastia Surgery

    Man breast reduction surgery Gynecomastia surgery

    Gynecomastia surgery is done in man for the treatment of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a problem of man approximately 30-40% of young men between 25-30 year of age have the problem of gynecomastia. Those suffering from this problem are disturbed with their chest shape.

    Gynecomastia surgery has three steps and these are –

    1. Gland removal
    2. Liposuction of chest fat
    3. Excess skin removal

    Out of these steps some men need only one step to correct gynecomastia but some may need all three steps of gynecomastia surgery.

    Removal of Breast gland –

    All young man of approximately below 35 years of age need breast gland removal.

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