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    Are you worried about the sagging skin of arm? Are looking for arm slimming or arm reduction after gaining some extra kg on arm? Are  you looking for plastic surgery of upper arm? Do you want arm flab removal or fat reduction?

    Arm lift surgery or Brachioplasty surgery

    is the right answer for all these queries. This surgery will get you rid off sagging skin and arm reduction. This surgery also help you for arm reduction. You achieve toned, nicely shaped contoured arm. Many people from western countries are visiting for plastic surgery of flabby arm reduction or arm lift surgery in Delhi India. South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic has seen increasing demand of upper arm lift or brachioplasty surgery.

     What is arm lift surgery or brachioplasty surgery?

    Arm lift is a surgical procedure which aims to reduce fat and remove flabby skin of arms. It gives you improved shape and contour and you feel confident and delighted. After brachioplasty your arms look toned up and lesser in volume.

    – If your arm is having fat then liposuction is done by cosmetic surgeon. This removes the extra fat from your arm. This leads to arm reduction. After liposuction you may or may not require removal of skin.

    – Sometime arms do not have fat depositions but skin appears loose and saggy. In such cases liposuction is not done. These cases require arm lift surgery by excision of loose flabby arm skin.

    Arm lift scar is very minimal if arm lift is done by liposuction only. For arm liposuction very small cuts are made in hidden area of arm. As these cuts are not visible after brachioplasty, we call it as invisible arm lift surgery.

    -If someone has lost large amount of weight then sagging skin on arm is present. It needs plastic surgery for flabby arms and along with fat, saggy  skin is also reduced. This type of arm reduction leave a long arm lift scar. However this scar is on inner side of arm.

    Recovery after upper arm surgery for flabby arm depends upon type of procedure (Liposuction or Liposuction and skin removal), extent of procedure, condition of skin and general condition of person. Usually it recovers between 7-12 days.

    Arm lift cost or arm reduction surgery cost is determined after examination, discussion about procedure required and other factors.

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