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    Wrinkle and Antiaging

    Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedure in Delhi -Wrinkle and Anti Ageing TreatmentAnti-Aging Treatment

    Aging is an inevitable process it affects not only skin but every organ of our body. Till now we can not reverse aging but certain modification and modulation in skin and body helps us achieving rejuvenated and aesthetically pleasing look which leads to boost in your confidence and morale.

    What are the causes of aging?

    Aging is caused by internal factors of body which bring about certain structural changes in our body tissue with advancing age.


    Similarly external or environmental factors bring aging sign in our skin .most important factors are poor nutrition, smoking and sun exposure.

    How aging affect skin and deeper tissue:

    Skin has two layers outer one is epidermis and inner dermis. Aging affects not only layer of skin, but deeper fat layer, muscle and bone also.


    With advancing age epidermis has some pigmentation changes and its turnover become very slow or irregular.


    Aging has major effect on dermal layer and collagen of skin decrease with age. Blood supply of skin is also decreased. Water holding capacity of dermis is also compromised so it appears dry and wrinkled.


    Besides skin deeper tissue like bone muscle and fat  also lose their volume and produce jowls and folds.

    How to prevent Aging :

    Most effective measure for prevention of aging is
    1) Avoid exposure to sunlight specially during peak ours (10-4 PM )
    2) Use sun protective cream and clothes

    At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic our doctor analyze effects of aging and the severity of the changes present in your skin and  then we make a customized treatment plan so that you achieve the desired results various treatment modalities we have at our cosmetic clinic include medical, non-invasive and surgical  treatment  modalities are


    Medical treatment has been designed for mild anti-aging changes. This programme consist of some local application and oral treatment. This makes your skin pigment free.


    Our doctor assesses the skin imperfections and includes various medication according to your skin problem and its suitability.


    Non invasive rejuvenation programme by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi :

    They have better effect on your skin but deeper tissue remain unaffected.


    Chemical Peel:

    This is simplecost effective treatment to give you pigment free and smooth young looking skin. This is done by sugar and fruit extract.



    This helps in exfoliating upper layer of epidermis and give you healthy, smooth and youthful skin.



    : Laser technology is the latest method to rejuvenate your skin .it helps in removing unwanted pigment and give  you spotless skin .laser also improve the thickness and elasticity of skin and make it toned, hydrated, and wrinkle free. Some lasers known as  ablative laser have downtime after resurfacing .now a days non ablative lasers are also available which help you achieving young healthy skin without any down time but it require multiple session.



    It has good effect on the skin of younger people and makes it tight. Aging also produce unwanted wrinkles and folds on your skin. Some wrinkles are produced by excessive activity of muscles and gradual loss of volume of tissue. To make you wrinkle free and help you achieve youthful face we have.



    It is now known to change neuro-muscular function which gives you instant result and makes you wrinkle free. It also improve the hydration of your skin .It is given by injection. Our doctor has received special training for facial rejuvenation with this treatment.



    They consist of natural substances already present in our skin. It is injected with small needle inside your skin. Effects of fillers last up-to 1 year only. You may require touch up after few months to maintain its effect. Fillers get you rid off all depression like nasolabial folds and marionette lines, wrinkles, and also help you achieve fuller lips and hands.


    Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi-

    various cosmetic surgeries like face lift, brow lift, neck lift, forheadplasty, lip augmentation help in re-positioning of all your sagging or drooping facial structures which Surgery of face can be combined with non surgical rejuvenation methods to give you excellent results. Surgical results are almost permanent results. However surgery has its down time and some side effects


    Our anti-aging programme single or in combination help you to defy your age and make you several year younger than your age.

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