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    Chemical Peels

    Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi-Chemical peel Treatment

    A chemical peel is a non surgical skin rejuvenation treatment which is used to improve the facial skin. A chemical solution derived from fruits or sugarcane is applied to the face to peel off the top layers of skin which leads to smoother, pigment-free healthier new skin growth which appears less wrinkled than the old skin. At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic (SDCC) Delhi we are proud to offer superficial chemical peels

    Why superficial Chemical Peels?

    In Indian people superficial chemical peels are a good option for many people as they have a gentler effect and do not give visible skin peeling, inflammation or significant pigmentary complications compared to medium and deep chemical peels. Superficial chemical peels do not require pain relief, and little or no “down time” or recovery time, which means no obvious skin peeling and no need to take time off work. South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic offers variety of superficial chemical peeling treatments, the SDCC Gel Peel which is a Salicylic acid peel, SDCC Pigment Balancing Peel which is a Glycolic peel, SDCC Ultra whitening peel also known as retinoic acid peel

    What Skin imperfections Can SDCC Chemical Face Peels Treat?

    • Acne- chemical peel acne treatments exfoliate the skin and allow dead skin cells and excess oils to be removed more effectively. This action unblocks hair follicles and pores and reduces the appearance of pimples, improving the overall skin texture in people with acne.
    • Fine lines and wrinkles- chemical peels can reduce these, especially under the eye area and around the mouth in sun damaged or ageing skin.
    • Rough skin texture- chemical skin peels can improve rough skin texture by removing dead cells and by increasing the amount of collagen in the upper layer of the skin.
    • Lentigines (large freckles) which appear as dark spots on the skin or age spots- multiple sessions of chemical peels can lighten large freckles and improve the appearance of sun damaged skin.
    • Melasma- is a dark skin discoloration which appears as patches mainly on the cheeks, nose, and forehead. It is a common problem in women who are taking hormonal treatment. .
    • Hyperpigmentation- caused by excess production of pigment or increase in pigment cells of skin and result in uneven skin tone. Chemical peels can lighten or completely remove this unwanted pigment.
    • Under-eye dark circle – One of the important causes of the under-eye dark circle is excessive pigment deposit in the epidermis. A chemical peel can very well address this problem.

    How Many Peels sessions are required

    Whilst you may see some very minor benefits after a single superficial peel. We recommend a course of six peels, one or two weeks apart. This will give the best results, as superficial peels are gentler the full benefits of the peel build up over the course of six treatments.

    Book a Pre Peel consultation with the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi

    We advise you to book a pre-peel consultation two weeks before your chemical peel. Our best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi will assess your skin and its imperfections. You will be advised to prepare your skin with special creams for two to three weeks before the peel and to continue these products during and after your course of chemical peels.


    All chemical peels are performed by our trained Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi. Before a peel is performed, our doctor will provide a personalized skin consultation and exclude any medical contraindications. They will also advise you of any creams, treatments and procedures you should stop or avoid before your chemical peel.

    During the peel your skin will be cleansed with oil free cleanser and the chemical peel will be applied to your skin using a gentle brush. The peeling agent will be left on the skin for between three and five minutes. After the required time it will be neutralized and moisturizer will be applied. The procedure is not painful.

    Chemical Peel Aftercare Advice

    After your peel you may notice that the skin is more red than usual for two hours afterwards and may feel tight or dry. You may also experience some very mild flaky skin for a few days. You are advised to use a sunscreen during the course of your treatment and for four weeks.


    Chemical Peel treatment done in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic is one of the best of it’s kind. Our renowned beauticians, Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi are expert in giving incredible treatments which give phenomenal results. We offer reasonable beauty services and Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Delhi  .Book an appointment now for best deals. Contact us 8860906117.

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