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    Labiaplasty – Labia Correction Surgery Delhi

    What is Labiaplasty?

    Labia surgery also known as labiaplasty (labioplasty), is designed to reduce the size of the enlarged labia minora (smaller, inner vaginal lips).

    Developmental changes of Labia Minora

    Labia minora is a pair of soft tissue structure surrounding the vaginal opening. Appearance of labia minora naturally varies from woman to woman. Many women have enlarged labia minora since birth or may develop changes in the appearance and size of their labia following childbirth.

    Who require Labiaplasty?

    Most of the women want a labiaplasty purely for cosmetic reasons or as a vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Many women may also suffer from discomfort or irritation from large labia minora and labia reduction may help them resolving these symptoms.

    Women with enlarged labia minora may have following problems:-

    • Pain/discomfort/irritation with intercourse
    • Pain/discomfort/irritation with certain activities/exercise/clothing
    • Discomfort on wearing certain clothes/lingerie/bikinis
    • Irritation with prolonged sitting or walking
    • Difficulty in maintaining hygiene
    • Unaesthetic appearance due to asymmetry or pigmentation or length
    • Inhibits patient from sexual activity, self-conscious, and embarrassed due to extra tissue.

     Labia is Painless Procedure

    Labiaplasty is done under either general or local anesthesia so you don’t have any pain. It is performed as a day care surgrey either in our Center ( South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic Delhi ) in hospital.

    Duration of Surgery

    Depending on the complexity of problem time required for surgery may vary from 60-90 minutes. During labia surgery, our cosmetic surgeon contours the labia. Depending on the patients needs and wishes:

    • Both side labia can be reduced in size and normal shape can be achieved.
    • A single side can be reduced so the labia appear symmetrical in size.
    • Pigmented dark coloured edges can be removed so they are pink and present a more youthful appearance. Some women prefer to retain the dark part of labia and that can also be accomplished by labiaplasty.

    Recovery after Labiaplasty surgery

    As it is a day care surgery we send most of our patients within one to two hours following the labia surgery. They return to our clinic to visit doctor on the next day for a post-op checkup . If they have any questions or query our doctors resolve it.

    Patients receive analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications to remain pain-free. We allow you doing the routine activities from next day onward however women may usually return to work within a week. Full recovery takes about 6-8 weeks depending on the individual’s healing process.

    Our doctor use very fine, absorbable sutures for the labiaplasty so there is usually very little scarring and the scars may not be visible to the eye because they are hidden in the creases and folds of the labia. Sensation may even be enhanced because of the new nerve endings and removal of the tissue.

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