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    Vaginal Tightening Female Vaginoplasty

    Vagina in women is known as birth canal . Vaginal laxity is creating problem for many  women in their relationship. They are visiting to plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic for the improvement of laxity of vagina . The corrective surgery for improvement of vaginal laxity is called as Vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening surgery.

    Why there is vaginal laxity?

    Vaginal canal is surrounded by various muscles . There are other muscles also in the pelvic floor which support the vagina. these muscles gets relaxed with the advancing age , childbirth and multiple pregnancies. These women are bothered with laxity and coming to plastic and cosmetic surgeon for correction.They usually complain of decreased sensation and lack of satisfaction level.

    How is vaginoplasty surgery or vaginal tightening done?

    Vaginoplasty is a reconstructive procedure. In this procedure surgeon addresses the various muscles and sometime internal layer also. Surgeon strengthen or reinforcing  the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding muscles of vagina. This procedure reduces the vaginal laxity.

    How safe is Vaginoplasty?

    Vaginal tightening is a daycare procedure . It is usually performed safely if done by an experienced plastic surgeon. at our South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic we suggest that this surgery will be performed under anaesthesia and one can go home same day.

    How long is recovery time after vaginoplasty?

    Usually women are advised to take rest for 2-3 days but they can perform all their routine activities after surgery. They can attend office after one week and after 3 weeks they do all their activity normally.

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