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    Mole, skin tag, wart excision

    Cosmetic Procedure in Delhi for Warts, Moles and Skin Tag removal Treatment by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi.

    Although most of moles and warts are rather harmless they can be embarrassing, aggravating and disturbing to most of people. These moles and warts should be looked after by Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi who specializes in skin abnormalities and can perform skin surgery treatment if necessary.

    What are Moles and where can you find them?

    Typically moles are brown or black; hairy or non-hairy growths on the skin that can appear alone or in groups anywhere on the body. Sometime Moles are considered as beauty spots. Depending upon their size, shape and color you may or may not consider your moles to be a beauty mark. With time, moles often change in size, shape and rate of growth. They may become raised, darker, larger and sometimes disappear. One can have as many as 25-40 moles by adulthood.

    What are Warts ?

    A wart may be flat, smooth or a bump with a rough surface. The common warts are frequently found on the palms of your hands, fingers or feet. Plantar warts typically form on the feet however the palms of hands are a secondary source for plantar warts. These warts are usually larger and more painful than the common warts. Less common warts called Filiform appear around the nose mouth and beard area. Periungual warts grow around and under toenails and fingernails.

    Causes of Warts ?

    Warts are annoying nodular skin growths. They considered to be caused by human papillomavirus, or HPV. As they are of viral origin and contagious in nature, they can spread by direct contact. You can infect yourself again through contact by simply touching the wart and rubbing or scratching other parts of your body. Warts are slow growing so it may take from 2 to 8 months for a wart to develop under the skin before it is noticeable. It can easily spread when HPV come in contact with open sore or scratch. You can spread the virus among family and friends by sharing personal items such as towels razors and the like. One can prevent virus spread is to keep covered with a Band-Aid.

    Variety of moles

    Normal moles are quite common and appear on most people in their early life. Moles can be elevated from skin surface, flat, large or small. Most common cause is by overexposure to the sun.

    Congenital nevus

    This type of mole commonly shows up at birth or shortly thereafter. It is found in about 1% of the population. There is a distinction made between a small and giant Nevus. If it is less than 1.5 cm it is considered as small while any Nevus over 20 cm is considered giant.

    Dysplastic moles or nevi

    these are the moles which usually present since birth do tend to be hereditary and are passed from one generation to the next. These moles are larger than commonly found moles. Its Characteristic feature includes uneven edges and color with dark brown centers and lighter edges that are irregular in shape. Sometime they can be dangerous, so you should keep a close eye on them. If you notice rapid increase in size, change in color itching and discharge from mole you should consult with doctor.

    Why people want to remove warts

    • Cosmetically unappealing when present on exposed body parts such as face neck and arms legs.
    • Difficulty in shaving around the wart.
    • Painful walking with a foot infected with a wart.
    • Pain in warts on hands restrict daily activity

    Warts, skin tags and moles are removed by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi in our South Delhi Cosmetic Clinics. We offer painless mole removal that will not leave a scar or it may be least visible. Being a private clinic we can offer next day or even sometimes same day appointments 6 days a week.

    If you have a mole that you are worried about, a skin tag that is constantly irritating you or an unsightly wart we can remove these for you.

    Regardless of where the mole or skin tag is, on your body or face, the mole removal leaves little or no scarring. Our adept Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi  are highly experienced in skin surgery and have performed hundreds of mole and skin tag removals with excellent results using radiosurgery, laser surgery.

    We offer a free follow up for all patients and best Cosmetic Surgery prices in Delhi. We send all removed moles for histological examination.

    For more information, please contact our South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, and book in for a cosmetic surgery in Delhi and consultation with Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi. Our experienced Doctors will be delighted to discuss your goals and will not only advise you but also guide you accordingly.

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