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    Lip Thinning or Reduction

    Lip thinning or Lip  Reduction Surgery in Delhi

    Thick lips are considered aesthetically good in some countries but in others thick lips are not taken as aesthetically pleasing. In India slightly fuller lips are considered as good but excessively thick are not acceptable to Indian  people whether man or woman.

    Thick lips reduction surgery in Delhi by cosmetic surgeon

    is becoming popular these days and more and more men and women are coming for its correction. They want to reduce their lips  by lips reduction surgery. Most of them are bothered with their lower lips thickness

    How is thick lip reduction surgery in Delhi done?

    Lip thinning or Lip reduction surgery is done at our south  Delhi  Cosmetic Clinic by our well experienced  cosmetic surgeon .

    This surgery is done as a day care procedure.  In this surgery cosmetic surgeon removes a small amount of mucosa or outer layer along with inner fat layer. surgeon takes special precautions not to damage the inner muscles and nerves. After  surgery self dissolving stitches.

    Lip thinning surgery is  a safe procedure if done by an experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon. It is a painless surgery and it is done.by making your lips numb.It doesn’t gives any visible scar on lip and healing of operation site  occurs within 5-7 days.

    As a side effect of lip reduction surger

    you may notice some.e swelling on the.lower lips

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