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    Vaginal tightening

    Vaginoplasty Surgery 

     Aesthetic Vaginoplasty  Surgery  (Vaginal Tightening)  or Vaginal              Rejuvenation is a  general term that refers    to surgical  procedures to help tighten and      support the vagina and surrounding            structures. The aim of this surgery is                 tightening  the inside of the vaginal canal    and the vaginal opening.


    Women generally seek vaginal rejuvenation for two reasons:


    1. To address the overly relaxed pelvic tissues as in cystocele.
    2. To enhance or improve sexual function.


    After childbirth women feel their vagina doesn’t feel or functions the same as before they had children. They feel vagina and pelvic tissue more relaxed. Some of these women develop incontinence problems also.


    Aims of Vaginoplasty Surgery

    The natural process of childbirth and/or aging can result in relaxation of the vaginal walls and muscles and surrounding pelvic tissues. The result is a relaxed vaginal canal and/or a large vaginal opening.


    These women want a solution to rejuvenate and tighten the vagina and achieve improved sexual function.


    Even women with no children can experience these problems because of aging, hormonal issues, history of smoking, and weight gain or loss.


    Vaginoplasty or Vaginal tightening and pelvic relaxation solutions are available. Our vaginal rejuvenation procedures are designed to address the symptoms of pelvic relaxation and improve sexual function for women who, for whatever reason, lack an overall optimum anatomical integrity of the vagina.

    Brief detail about vaginoplasty Surgery

    Vaginal rejuvenation (vaginoplasty) includes gentle precision procedures. It is done with controlled accuracy that results in relatively bloodless surgery. For most patients, these techniques result in rapid healing and early resumption of daily activities.

    Duration of Surgery

    The length of time depends on the extent of the vaginal relaxation and the extent of surgery required to address the relaxed vaginal walls/muscle. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery usually takes one and two hours. Our doctor performs it either in our South Delhi Cosmetic clinic or in a daycare surgery center

     Benefits of Vaginoplasty Surgery

    Vaginoplasty addresses various problems and improves sexual function however it is not a solution for sexual dysfunction, lack of interest or arousal, or orgasmic inadequacy.

    Recovery period from Vaginal Tightening

    After surgery, you are allowed to move from next day onward. You may resume your routine activities within 3-4 days. You are advised to maintain hygiene. Our doctors at SDCC advise that one should not resume penetrative sex for 6 weeks following vaginal tightening surgery. Women are advised to refrain from tampon use for ten days after the procedure.

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