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    Cosmetic Procedures in Delhi for Lip Augmentation and Enhancement by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi 


    Do you want to improve the appearance of your lips? Plump lips often improve self-confidence.


    We at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic have many Cosmetic procedures done by Dr. Surendra Chawla, expert Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi,  to improve the appearance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles around of your lips. You must be realistic and understand that lip augmentation can enhance and improve your natural look, but they’re not about performing miracles.


    Best Candidates for Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi-Lip Augmentation?


    All those who are in good general health overall are good candidate for lip augmentation Those, who have:


    • Current cold sores
    • Certain diseases such as diabetes
    • Scarring of the lips
    • Blood clotting problems


    Can not be considered as good candidate for Lip augmentation. Before considering for lip augmentation you must inform about your medical problems.


    How Lip augmentation Cosmetic Procedures in Delhi is performed

    Lip augmentation is performed by various substances

    1. Fillers injection:- Filler is a substance which is normally found in human body and used to provide volume to your lip. It is injected in your lips after making your lips numb so you don’t feel any pain. Most commonly used fillers are collagen and Hyaluronic acid (un-harmful acid). These are performed on an outpatient basis in your doctor’s office or an outpatient center and you will be sent home the same day.
    2. Fat:- We take fat from your own thighs or abdomen and inject into your lips to improve your lip volume. There’s no risk of allergic reaction and you may achieve permanent results.
    3. Lip Implants:- various implants of different material are put inside the lip by small surgery to enhance lip permanently.


    Does lip augmentation by Cosmetic Surgeon in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, require hospitalization?

    Lip augmentation Cosmetic procedures in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic does not require hospitalization. It is performed as a day care procedure so you may go home after the procedure.


    Recovery time after Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic?

    After lip augmentation Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi,  by fillers you may have swelling of your lips which will subside in couple of days If you are having surgical implants or grafts, your recovery can take up to two weeks after the surgery.

    After the procedure you are advised to apply ice so that you develop minimal swelling. You are advised to have soft diet and apply some moisturizer to keep lip soft and moist.


    Risks and Complications of Lip Augmentation?


    There are risks and complications associated with any surgery,. You may have allergic reactions to implants, fillers or to anesthesia.


    You can experience bleeding infection. Lip implant may come out or become hard which may require removal.


    For effective Lip Augmentation Cosmetic procedures in Delhi, at an affordable Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Delhi under conscientious observation of Dr. Surendra Chawla, renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, book an appointment now! Contact South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic at 8860906117.

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