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    Neck Liposuction procedure in Delhi – Neck Lift Treatment- best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi 

    There are a number of Cosmetic procedures in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, available to enhance the appearance of the neck. They range from very minimal in-office treatments with no down time, to more invasive procedures requiring anesthesia and time off for recovery. Aging of the neck is usually a combination of loose skin and muscle and some excess fat. To decide what is best for you, start by consulting a board-certified Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi to address your concerns.


    We’ve included basic information below on ways to address the most common concerns. These Cosmetic procedures in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, can be performed alone or in combination to give you the best possible result. This general overview should not serve as a replacement for your Doctor’s advice, however. You also should write down your thoughts on what you’d like to correct, and have that with you at the time of your preoperative consultation.

    Neck Liposuction Surgery in Delhi- Treatment options 

    Botox injections

    The vertical bands that extend from under the chin to the base of the neck are caused by the neck muscle called the platysma. Botox can be injected into the muscle to temporarily reduce the appearance of these bands. This is a simple in office procedure that requires no anesthesia and allows you to get right back to your normal activities.

    Neck Liposuction in Delhi for fat removal by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi  

    During Neck Liposuction in Delhi, your Cosmetic Surgeon in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic,  will make a small incision below the chin, and the excess fat will be removed. This Cosmetic procedure is often done alone are may be performed as part of a neck lift or facelift. If this is the only procedure you’ll need, you should plan to spend approximately an hour undergoing the operation. Your incisions will be stitched and bandaged. This procedure requires an anesthetic and you should allow five to ten days for recovery. It’s very important to follow your doctor’s instructions on properly caring for any stitches and bandages in the days following Cosmetic Surgery.

    Liposuction in Delhi -Neck lift procedure

    Sometimes called a cervicoplasty or neck lift with platysmaplasty, the Cosmetic  procedure in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, will last two to three hours. Of course, if you are having a neck lift in conjunction with Liposuction surgery in Delhi, facelift, forehead lift, or other cosmetic surgeries, the time will vary accordingly. Your exact procedure will depend on your desired results and your own personal circumstances. In order to undergo a neck lift, you must be in good general health, both physically and mentally.


    Your Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi will make a small incision under your chin and possibly in front of and/or behind your ears. These incisions allow access to the platysma (neck muscle) and any fat in the neck. The neck muscles can then be tightened and any excess fat removed. Your surgeon from South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, may choose to remove the fat with Liposuction procedure or by cutting it out. The incisions near the ears also allow for removal of some excess skin.


    Once the muscle has been tightened and any excess fat removed the skin is re-draped over the neck. Any excess skin is removed and the incisions are closed with sutures. Your Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi will let you know if the sutures will need to be removed or if they will dissolve on their own. It is possible your surgeon may place a drain under the skin on the neck to collect any fluid that would increase your post op swelling and discomfort. If your Cosmetic Surgeon chooses to use a drain it might remain in place only a day or two. You would be instructed on how to care for the drain if it needs to stay in for a longer period of time.


    You and your surgeon will discuss what type of anesthesia to use, depending on your level of comfort. If you want to remain asleep during the procedure, you should request general anesthesia. Otherwise, your surgeon can use local anesthesia with sedation. It’s up to you and your surgeon to decide what is best for your comfort depending on the exactly what Cosmetic Surgery will be done.


    Your surgeon might fit you with a compression bandage that you will have to wear to help reduce post-operative swelling. This is usually worn night and day for at least five to seven days and then only at night for a longer period of time. It’s important to follow instructions to ensure proper recovery.

    Neck lift Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi, is best done in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, by virtue of world class state of the art equipments to support the surgeries. Book your appointment now for expert Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, Dr. S K Chawla.  The treatments are available at best Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Delhi, contact to know more.  Call us on 8860906117.

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