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    Ear Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi – Otoplasty/Pinnaplasty Cosmetic Procedures in Delhi

    Ear is an important aesthetic unit of face. In human being it has no functional importance but definitely cosmetic importance.

    Normally ear is a complex structure because of its thin skin and complex shaped underlying supporting  structure called as cartilage. Ear is attached with the head at a specific angle. When either the shape of ear is deformed or angle of attached is abnormally wide then it is a matter of concern from the aesthetic point of view.

    Why ear deformity is a matter of concern

    Any person adult or child with deformed ear is immensely concerned and self conscious about ear deformity because it may attract unwanted comments from his  peers. So a person specially children loss their self image or self confidence

    Cause of ear deformity 

    Most of ear deformities are caused by structural changes in the shapes of the underlying cartilages. Its variable shape and growth produce different kind of ear deformity.

    Few  commonest deformities are:

    Prominent Ear 

    When angle between ear and head is greater than normal than it appear as if height and width of ear is more hence it is commonly known as Big Ear.

    Constricted or small Ear 

    When ear looks smaller and deformed.

    Accessory ear auricle 

    These are small multiple nodules which are usually found in front of ear. Sometime ear deformities are associated with deformity of face and jaw. During Consultation our Cosmetic Surgeon in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, will discuss with you about the deformities of the ear and educate about the surgical correction of it and the final result you achieve after Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi.

    Appropriate age of Surgery 

    Best time to perform ear surgery is around 8 years because by this time ear has completed his growth.

    Otoplasty Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi – h2

    Before Otoplasty Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi, it is very important to identify the exact ear problem behind the ear deformity.  During Cosmetic Procedures in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic incision are usually given behind the ear and ear forming deformed cartilage is exposed and exact deformity is identified and corrected. Usually scar of surgery is behind the ear.

    Complication of Ear surgery 

    Ear surgery is associated with some complication so is the ear surgery

    • Collection of  blood under the skin.
    • Infection.
    • Abnormal position ( in relation to head
    • Suboptimal results


    Meticulous planning, attention and postoperative care minimize the complication after otoplasty.


    Pinnaplasty or otoplasty Cosmetic procedures in Delhi, can give effective results if done under a meticulous supervision of the  best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi like Dr. SK Chawla. The incredible Pinnaplasty or otoplasty cosmetic surgeries at the most reasonable Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Delhi, with high success rates,  makes South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic the most reliable and famous. Book an appointment now! Contact us 8860906117.

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