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    Breast lifting (Mastopexy)

    Mastopexy or Breast tightening

    Breasts are the integral part of female beauty .Prominent, firm adequate size breasts are considered as sign of youthfulness. At various stage of her life many females notice about sagging which is not acceptable to them. At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic our qualified doctor help you find out the suitable procedure according to your problem.


    Loose, saggy and excessively droopy breast is known as ptotic breast (ptosis of breast tissue. With advancing age, and with effect of gravity level of nipple and areola  of breast and breast substances shift downward  leading to Ptosis.


    What causes sagging of Breast

    Breasts are held with chest wall, with the help of very strong multiple tight  bands of fibrous tissue called as breast supporting  ligaments. When these ligaments become weak,  long and  loose sagging of breast tissue starts. Sagging of breast tissue also happens when somebody loss extra pounds or after pregnancy and breastfeeding.


    Severity of sagging of breast tissue- Level of Nipple and areola of breast determine the severity of ptosis or sagging of breast tissue. It can be mild to severe grade depending upon the level of nipple areola in  relation to lowermost attachment (inframammary crease) of breast with chest wall.


    Treatment of pendulous breast (Mastopexy)- During consultation our cosmetic surgeon at South delhi Cosmetic Clinic examine you  and discuss with you about your goal and expectation with surgery.  The breast tightening is done by surgery also known as mastopexy. It is a Day care procedure which is performed by our experienced doctor in safe and reputed center.


    During examination our doctor assess about the present volume of your breast, severity of sagging , quality of skin. Considering all our doctor discuss and educate to help you make the best treatment plant to achieve best result for you.


    In some cases only breast augmentation with breast implant gives you desired results. In some cases only breast lifting surgery helps you achieving good results. Some cases of female breast surgery may require breast lifting surgery (Mastopexy) and breast enhancement by Breast Implant simultaneously and give young look.


    Side effects and complication of Mastopexy

    Mastopexy is as safe surgery and it is done as day care procedure. Although infrequent, but like any other surgery it associated with few complication like infection, hematoma, swelling, extrusion of implant, and sometime inadequate results and scar of surgery.


    Post operative care- After surgery you are advised to put on the supportive bra. You will get final result after couple of weeks. Your stitches will be removed after 7-10 days . you can resume your routine activity after 5-6 days.


    Results of mastopexy are very satisfactory and you enjoy young and shapely breast. If you are looking for cosmetic procedures in Delhi contact us at 011-29227580.

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