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    Droopy Eyelids Cosmetic Surgery

    Reconstructive or corrective Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi

    The most of the functional problems of eyelid develop after ageing, cancer, trauma, birth defects and complications from previous eyelid surgery. Reconstructive and corrective eyelid surgeries are usually performed routinely by Dr S.K.Chawla to treat the following medical problems: 


    • Ptosis (droopiness) of the upper eyelids
    • Lower eyelid sagging (retraction) or malposition
    • Ectropion (out turning) of the lower eyelids
    • Repair or reconstruction of the eyelids following skin cancer removal or injuries
    • Eyelid cancer removal
    • Eyelid cysts (chalazion), lumps and bumps 


    Consult Dr. S.K. Chawla, cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi for corrective and reconstructive Eyelid Lift Surgery. Call- 09811827580 / 8860906117 / 011-29227580 to book your appointment now!!

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