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    Breast Reduction Mammplasty

    Breast Reduction surgery, technically called Reduction mammaplasty,is usually performed not only for cosmetic reasons but also for physical relief. This procedure involves removal of excess bulk from breast tissue to reduce size, to reshape and lift the breasts.

    Why Reduction of Breast


    Larger breasts can cause certain medical problems like back and shoulder pain and, skeletal deformities and breathing problems. They also interfere in maintaining personal hygiene leading to certain skin problems like a rash, ulcer or recurrent fungal infections on underside of breast and at the site of bra strap. Heavy breast also reduce physical activity of a woman. Large and prominent breast cause women unwanted attention as well as some cases of harassment.


    If you feel like one of these people then you may consider yourself for breast reduction surgery. It is a safe surgery and gives you immediate results. Reduction mammoplasty help you rid of physical, social problem related with larger breast and make you much happier person from inside. After breast reduction surgery you feel more active, confident and positive about self-image.


    What is Reduction Mammoplasty

    The reduction mammoplasty procedure involves removal of excess skin, fat and glandular tissue making the breasts smaller, lighter and firmer. Following the procedure your breasts appear much more youthful and elegant.


    At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, we prefer to perform Breast Reduction Surgery in those women who have completed their family but In younger women if it is causing physical and psychological problem it can done at earlier age also.

    About Breast Reduction Surgery

    Depending upon the mild, moderate and excessively enlarged breast, various methods of Breast reduction are performed –


    • Inferior Pedicle method
    • Vertical Scar Method
    • Round Block or Periareolar Method
    • Liposuction and Scarless Method


    By surgery approximately 30% of breast tissue is removed. It is performed under general anesthesia, so you will not be awake during operation. It may take three to five hours. After surgery you may have swelling for couple of weeks which will subside gradually. You will achieve final results after two to three months

    Postoperative Period

    After surgery you will require 5-7 days to recover although you are advised to do all activity you can comfortably perform. You will be advised to wear supportive bra. You may resume strenuous activity after 8 weeks.

    Scarring from breast reduction surgery

    The scarring from surgery is the main reason women of younger age are reluctant to undergo Breast Reduction Surgery as they feel that the scars will be extremely prominent. During the first few months following surgery, the scars will be noticeable, however over the several months these scars will fade but will never go completely.

    Breast Feeding after Surgery

    Breast feeding may be possible in most of the pedicled techniques but in some cases it may not be possible. This is why we prefer performing surgery after completion of the family. But overall, when done for the proper indications and by proper method it is  a satisfying procedure providing satisfactory results, lot of freedom and improvement in the quality of life of patients.


    Cosmetic procedures in Delhi for women’s breast treatments include breast enhancement even known as breast augmentation, breast lifting (mastopexy) and breast reconstruction apart from Breast Reduction Surgery (mammoplasty). At our cosmetic clinic there is gynecomastia surgery for male breast reduction surgery in Delhi. Contact South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic at 8860906117 for cosmetic surgery in Delhi.

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