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    Skin Surgery And Treatment

    skin surgery and treatmentSkin surgery and treatment are required for various skin imperfections. The skin of a human being is the largest and most dynamic organ of the body. It is affected by the external and internal environment of the body. Multiple problems can develop in the skin which may cause cosmetic and functional problems. These problems may require non-surgical cosmetic treatments, Laser or plastic, and cosmetic surgery. At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic you are treated by a team of cosmetic surgeons and doctors who address all your skin problems and make a comprehensive and customized treatment plan according to your problem and requirement.

    Various common skin surgery and treatment at the cosmetic clinic by our specialists are for:-


      The skin develops various types of birthmarks that may or may not be noticeable at the time of birth. Common birthmarks are hemangioma or vascular malformation like port wine stain, black hairy moles (black area of skin which bears hairs), and pigmented spots. These birthmarks cause functional and cosmetic problems. They produce brown, Black, or red-blue spots on the skin.

    Mole, Skin Tags, and warts:

    These are the commonest skin imperfections. People are frequently attending cosmetic clinics for the treatment of moles skin tags, and warts. Cosmetic surgery, laser, and radiofrequency are the most common method for the treatment of mole skin tag wart excision.


    People, both men and women are very much concerned about Skin scars. Facial scars are very distressing not only in women but also in men. Common causes of facial scars are Injury, assault, Burns, Infection, surgery, roadside accidents, etc. Different types of scars require different methods of treatment. Sometimes more than one method is required for one scar.

    Acne and Acne Scars:

    Acne is also called pimples. It usually develops at a young age. Untreated or neglected pimples leave various cosmetic problems on the face. The most common complications which require treatments are Scars, Pigmentation, depression, etc. There are laser treatments like laser skin resurfacing to minimally invasive procedures like chemical peel and microdermabrasion for acne treatment

    White spots or Vitiligo:

    White spots on the body are not only a cosmetic problem but also a taboo in our society. It is considered a sign of Leprosy. Its extent can vary from a small area to a very; large area of the body. Various methods like skin grafting, Melanocytes transfer, and Laser are used to treat this problem


    Skin cancers are less common in India and the Western world. Various types of cancers affect facial skin. Smaller cancerous lesions can be treated by lasers but if bigger in size then they require wide excision and reconstructive plastic surgery to cover the defect of the skin


    Nowadays, youngsters are very crazy about permanent decorative tattoos on their bodies. Many of them visit the cosmetic surgeon to get them removed these are removed either by surgery and skin graft or by lasers.

    Plastic and cosmetic surgery not only helps you to recover from all these skin problems but also helps you to get minimal complications and the best cosmetic results. Consult us for cosmetic procedures in Delhi.

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