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    Man Breast Reduction Surgery Delhi, (Gynaecomastia)

    man-chest image shaping What is Gynecomastia surgery or Man Breast Reduction Surgery Delhi?

    Man breast reduction surgery is done for Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement or prominent male breasts. It is a quite common condition in men. It is also known as man boobs

    How To Identify Man Breast or Gynaecomastia?

    When a man has bulge in chest with >4.0 cm in size it is considered as a case of Gynaecomastia or Male breast. If you pinch chest skin at nipple and feel a hard mass then it may be enlarged breast gland or gynaecomastia. 

    What Age Gynaecomastia Appears at?

    In most of cases it appear nearly at age of puberty i,e 13-14 yrs.

    Various hormonal changes which appear at this age are responsible for gynaecomastia. 

    Some of middle aged men of late 40,s also notice chest enlargement.

    When will gynecomastia go away which appear at puberty?

    In 60-70% of boys who develop breast changes at age of puberty, these changes are temporary and disappear in couple of years. But Approximately 30-40% of men notice male breast enlargement of 4.0 cm or more in size and it does not reduce even after many years.

    Symptoms of Gynaecomastia

    Most of  young man visiting to plastic surgeon for gyno treatment complain about-

     -Bulging Chest

    – Chest fat deposit

    – Puffy nipples.

    – Chest lump or nodule under the nipple.

    In most of case it is on both sides (bilateral) but in few cases on one side (Unilateral)

    What is The Reason of Breast Enlargement in Man?

    Most of the time, any definite cause of Gynaecomastia could not be found. 

    In few cases it may be caused by-

    – Low level of male hormones

    – Tumor which produce female hormone

    – Chronic liver disease like cirrhosis, hormonal therapy Steroids for body building, and various drugs.

    In obese or overweight man there is deposition of large amount of fat in chest appear as gynaecomastia. 

    What is male breast made of?

    Enlarged Breast in man is made of breast gland and variable amount fat 

    At the age of Puberty 

    -Mainly has breast gland but amount of fat is lesser. Breast gland feels like solid nodule in breast.

    In elderly man of age above 40 years, 

    -Mainly fatty deposit in chest below nipple and gland is very minimal.

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    Can Obesity Cause Gynaecomastia?

    Obesity may be a reason for severe gynaecomastia. Excess fat may disturb the male hormone level in body and it stimulate breast gland enlargement.

    What is Pseudogynaecomastia?

    Some time overweight young have fat deposit below nipple in chest region which appear as female breast. This type of fatty chest which has no breast gland is called as Pseudogynaecomastia.

    Pseudogynaecomastia can be reduced by weight reduction program. If it does not give adequate result, one should opt for gynaecomastia surgery or chest reshaping surgery by a plastic surgeon.

    Is There any ill effects of gynaecomastia?

    Breast like appearance of chest in man brings lot of embarrassment, mental and social trauma and cosmetic problem to a person.

    Most of these boys

    – hide it with loose shirt and avoid going in public meetings.

    – avoid bare chest activities like swimming and boxing.

    – do lot of work-out to make chest muscle bulkier.

    – gymming to burn out the fat deposit in chest.

    Consultation with Gynaecomastia Surgeon in Delhi

    During consultation, your plastic Surgeon not only assess the severity (Grade) , Size , extent and composition of gynaecomastia but also try to find out any particular causing the problem. After clinical examination and investigation, our surgeons offer you a customized plan of your Gynaecomastia Surgery in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic,  so that you get best result. 

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    What is the Best Treatment of  Gynaecomastia?

    Depending upon the size of breast, Gynaecomastia Surgery in Delhi for” Man Breast reduction surgery ” is done  :-

    1.  Grade 1 Gynaecomastia (only enlarged breast gland and minimal fat) –   breast gland is removed by surgery through a small cut below nipple.
    2.  Grade 2 Gynaecomastia (Large breast gland and fat deposit around it) –  First Liposuction to remove the fat from chest then breast gland is removed.
    3. Grade 3 Gynaecomastia ( Very big breast gland and large amount of chest fat and excess skin) – These cases of gynaecomastia have sagging breast and loose skin. In these cases besides fat and breast gland removal, loose and excess skin needs to be removed.

     What is the Cost of man breast reduction surgery ?

    Gynaecomastia reduction surgery cost depends upon multiple factors. If surgery is done under local anaesthesia it is cheaper.

    In general anaesthesia you need hospital stay so cost goes high.

    Does Man Breast Reduction Surgery Leave Scar: Usually gynaecomastia surgery is done through a small incision is made around the lower half of the nipple areola complex, this eventually heals well and almost fades over several months. It is least noticeable after few months of surgery.

    If there is loose and excess skin then scar can be bigger and it improves with time.

    Man chest liposuction before and after

    Before after gynaecomastia surgery

    Type of Anaesthesia For man Breast Reduction Surgery – 

    Choice of anaesthesia depends upon

    1. The size of the gynaecomastia

    2. Preference of candidate

    In most of cases it can be performed under awake anaesthesia or local anaesthesia (making only chest wall numb). It benefits early recovery, low cost, no hospital stay 

    If gynaecomastia is very large then general anaesthesia (complete sedation or deep sleep)is preferred. You need to stay in hospital for few hours.

    At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic we usually  perform man breast reduction surgery under awake anaesthesia by making chest area numb.

    In gynaecomastia of large size general anaesthesia is preferable.

    Complication or side effects of man Breast reduction surgery

    Nevertheless, as with any surgery, there are certain minor risks associated with gynaecomastia surgery like-

    – Swelling of chest  

    – Bluish discoloration of skin after liposuction

    – Asymmetry, unequal size and shape

    – Infection

    – Blood mixed fluid coming out

    – Blood collection below skin

     -Allergic reaction to anaesthesia

    – temporarily loss of breast sensation or numbness

    Most of these are temporary and improve with time in couple of days. 

    Gynecomastia Surgery -Aftercare 

    Dressing: After male breast reduction dressings are removed after four days. Usually self dissolving stitches are applied. We suggest that internal healing continue for almost three to six months depending of the severity of gynaecomastia.

    Workout after gyno surgery: You are not supposed to take bed rest after surgery. One can perform his routine activity after few days. You are advised to take bath after 4 days.

    Weight lifting, Jogging  and heavy  exercise should be avoided for at least two months.

    Compression Garment after Gynaecomastia: We also advise special compression garment after Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi or Male Breast reduction Surgery in Delhi. This elastic garment improve the healing and you get aesthetic result. You are supposed to wear these garments for 6-8 weeks. It helps in shaping of your chest and minimise pain and swelling.

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