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    Laser Cosmetic procedures in Delhi for Lines and Wrinkles

    Laser treatment helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face to achieve younger looking skin and an improved complexion. Laser treatment is the best non surgical method for younger man and women who are disturbed with their fine wrinkles..

    During Laser therapy, two different kinds of laser are used

    Ablative laser is used to remove the top layer of skin (laser skin resurfacing) and stimulate the growth of new skin. When the treated area heals, the new skin is generally smoother, younger and fresher than before. This laser treatment is associated with downtime of 5-7 days depending upon the depth of treatment

    Other types of laser treatment (non-ablative laser treatment) targets the lower levels of skin without affecting the top layer (the epidermis). It improves the collagen production and alleviate the wrinkles For the best results, a course of 6-8 treatments may be recommended. It is associated with minimal downtime and fewer complications.

    Who is best candidate?

    Laser wrinkle removal cannot produce the results comparable with wrinkle reduction facelift surgery, but it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Laser is not suitable for sagging face with deep wrinkles. It works better for younger person with fine lines. The effect does wear off gradually, so you may need further laser treatment to maintain results.

    During consultation with best Cosmetic Surgeon in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic – h2

    As with any Cosmetic procedures in Delhi, it is important that you have realistic expectations with Laser treatment for wrinkle reduction before you decide to proceed. Our Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi will explain you in detail about the laser treatment the results you can expect. The associated risks and alternatives to the Cosmetic procedure will also be explained to you before going ahead

    When you At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic you will receive laser treatment by our experienced specialist cosmetic surgeon in the safe and comfortable surroundings.We assure you for our commitment to the highest healthcare standards


    For most affordable Cosmetic Surgery prices in Delhi. Book an appointment now! Contact us on 8860906117. Our experienced Doctors will be delighted to discuss your goals and will not only advise you but also guide you accordingly. For more information, please contact our South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, and book in for a Cosmetic Consultation with best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi.

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