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    Best Hair Transplant Clinic Delhi India|Best Hair Transplant Surgeon Delhi


    “ Hair Transplantation” is a surgical method of treating baldness in both men and women. In simple words at   South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, we describe hair transplant surgery as a method of redistribution of remaining hair to bald area or the area of reduced hair density. ‘Hair Transplantation in Delhi’ or ‘Hair Grafting’ is absolutely safe procedure. To hide baldness now we have the quality treatment called as FUE and FUT Hair transplant methods at our clinic which people refer as Best Hair Transplant Clinic Delhi India.

    What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

    The hair restoration procedure by this specialized surgery involves removal of individual hair follicle or roots from the safe donor area or ‘donor site’. Usually donor site of hair is back of head as hairs from this area usually do not fall. In certain cases, if hair transplant donor area has less hair then body hairs are taken for the transplantation process. The intact hair follicles are transplanted to the ‘recipient site’ or bald scalp.

    What are FUE and FUT methods of hair transplant process? 

    In FUE hair transplant procedure your hair transplant doctor takes out individual hair follicle from back of head. These FUE hair transplant grafts have 1-4 hair follicles. In this hair replacement procedure no surgical cut is given on head that is why no long scar on head. This hair implant procedure is ideal for those who do not have large bald area.  Number of graft achieved by this hair restoration process is limited.

    Delh iFue Hair Transplant


    FUT hair transplant is done by taking out a skin with hairs from back of head. A team of trained technicians then separates the hair under guidance of hair transplant doctor. After surgery a very thin, almost invisible scar is produced. FUT method gives large number of graft.

    Best Hair Transplant Clinic Delhi India uses both methods of hair transplant to give the best hair transplant results. Both of these hair surgery procedures are considered as best.

    Hair transplantation is almost painless surgery. Hair transplant surgeon numbs your head by giving injection. Once it is numb you don,t feel any pain

    Results of hair transplant depends upon the

    • quality of hair graft
    • extent of bald area,
    • hair density of donor area
    • method of hair transplantation
    • experience of doctor

    People( male or female) seeking for the reliable Hair Clinic in Delhi, we promise to provide best treatment of baldness or Hair regrowth solution in Delhi. We assure our client reasonable Hair transplant cost in Delhi which is very affordable.

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    How to choose “Best Hair Transplant Clinic Delhi India”

    You must consider following points before going for hair transplant treatment

    • Clinic is run by hair transplant doctor himself
    • Qualified and experienced doctor
    • See the results of hair transplant

    If you are looking for a hair transplantation in Delhi please contact our “Best Hair Transplant Clinic Delhi India”. Our hair transplant Surgeon, Dr Surendra Chawla will help you to achieve your dream hair transplant.

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