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    Acne Treatments

    Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi-Acne treatment by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi


    Acne Treatment or pimples is  the commonest skin problem of adolescence age in human being. It is basically an infection and inflammation of oil producing glands (pilosebaceous) of skin. It usually resolves on its own at age of mid twenties.

    How does acne affects skin:-

    It present as non inflamed white or black small nodules also known as comedones. it also produce variable sized inflammatory nodules or pus containing nodules.Acne  are not only present on face but also on back, upper arm and neck.


    Sometime acne may be associated with hormonal problems in the body specially in adult females. These females may have excessive facial hair growth, irregular menstrual cycles, extra weight gain, and change in voice quality.


    What stimulate flaring of acne:-

    Acne comes in crops and keep on flaring off and on. Its flaring has no relation with any particular diet, pollution, whether but it has definite relation with the oil producing gland of skin.


    Few studies have shown correlation with oils, Facial ( facial massage ), repeated exposure to cooking oil vapor. Sometime, sunscreen and cosmetics, threading, waxing moist humid environment and stress has some stimulating effects on acne or pimples.


    Cosmetic effects of Acne:-


    Presence of Acne on young face ( male or female) has not only cosmetic effect but also psychological effect. It affects the self esteem and confidence of a person. After successful treatment, it leaves behind certain telltale signs like pigmented small spots and scars of variable size and depth. Sometime severe type of acne may cause atrophy or loss of facial fat which produce multiple cosmetically unacceptable indentations in facial skin.


    Treatment of acne:-

    Treatment of variable grade of acne and post acne scar and pigmentation are the most challenging cosmetic problem.  Before starting treatment proper counseling  of a person is mandatory . One should understand that acne is self limiting problem which subside with course of time. Treatment of acne is to prevent them turning into severe acne.


    At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic Various treatment option are considered for treatment of acne. During consultation with you and after detailed history and examination our Dermatologist or Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, makes a customized treatment plan for you. We include various treatment options to make a successful treatment plan and it include:



    Whenever inflamed acne subside after treatment we put you on maintenance cosmetic treatment programme for long time to prevent developing any unwanted effects and keep your skin healthy, young and scar free. Cosmetic surgery in Delhi


    For more information, please contact our South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, and book in for a Acne treatment  Consultation with best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi. Our experienced Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi will be delighted to discuss your goals and will not only advise you but also guide you accordingly. We offer cost effective Acne treatment  at the most affordable Cosmetic Surgery prices in Delhi .

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