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    Laser hair removal Treatment

    If you’ve ever dreamed about having permanently smooth skin, you need not to go for painful temporary methods like waxing or shaving again. In Delhi at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic is offering you painless, faster, and permanent Laser Hair Reduction of you.

    It is a quick, easy and permanently remove hair for both men and women on any area of the body.

    The Laser Hair Removal -Cosmetic surgery in Delhi Treatment by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi 

    Laser Hair Reduction is a medically proven method of cosmetic surgery for permanent hair reduction. It is a safe, pain-less and long-term solution to remove any unwanted or excessive body hair for both women and men. If you are fed up of repeatedly shaving or waxing, treatment by laser is rapid, gentle and is the perfect solution.

    Our best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi  has over 5 years experience with Laser Hair Removal and our consistent good results and our satisfactory clients have made us one of the most trusted providers of Laser Hair Removal in Delhi. Our highly qualified and experienced Doctors are both discreet and professional and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

    The most commonly demanded areas for Laser Hair Removal treatments for both men and women are:

    • Face, including upper lip, chin, side locks
    • Underarms and Arms
    • Legs and Bikini Line
    • Back and shoulders
    • Chest, nipples and abdomen


    Keeping hair growth under check in bikini is a big hassle for everyone. Some people have excess hair growth in front and back of bikini area. Staying well groomed and clean is hard for them. Thick hairs in bikini area cause ingrown hairs leading to Pilonidal sinus, irritation and foul smell.

    Keep your bikini area clean and problem free with laser hair removal at South Delhi Cosmetic clinic. Forget all temporary and unpleasant hair removal options and enjoy hair-less bikini area with our best Diode hair removal Treatment in South Delhi.

    Who get the best results?

    Results of Laser hair reduction treatment depends on different issues such as the taking of certain drugs, pregnancy, hair colour and skin type and hair thickness. A person with fair skin and black hair achieve the best results. Laser is not helpful for reduction of white hairs.

    Principle behind Laser Hair Removal 

    Laser is a high powered beam of light. The light beam between 800-1200 nm wave length is focused on the hair follicles beneath the skin’s surface, to disable the hair follicle quickly and safely which will prevent any further growth. The hair’s pigment absorbs the light and follicles are destroyed, meaning it is instantly removed and any further growth is unlikely. The hairs will then gradually fall out over the next seven to ten days, leaving the skin smooth and hair free – in other words effective permanent hair reduction.

    • Effective, permanent hair reduction
    • Virtually painless and safe
    • Improved skin resilience
    • Faster treatment – treats large areas in a single session
    • Proven clinical results
    • Simultaneous destruction of hundreds of hair follicles!

    What happens following treatment?

    You may have some redness and some bumps following the treatment which may last between one to eight hours. During the following 24 hours, you are advised to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extra heat. We recommend using an sunscreen with more than 25 SPF on exposed areas.

    How many treatments will I need?

    As you know that hairs grow in cycles and all hair roots do not produce hairs at same time. Different hair roots produce hair at different time. To destroy all hair roots more than one session are required. Depending on a clients hair type we recommend 6-8 sessions to get almost 80% results.

    What are side effects of Laser?

    Like any other treatment method Laser treatment may give you side effects like hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation or burn injury. But if done by safe hands they are almost nil and give you excellent results.

    For more information, please contact our South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, and book in for a Laser Hair Removal Consultation with our doctor. Our experienced Doctors will be delighted to discuss your goals and will not only advise you but also guide you accordingly.

    To know more, please visit South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic and book in for a Laser Hair Removal Consultation with best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi. Our experienced surgeons will be delighted to discuss your goals and will advise you and also guide you accordingly. Our Cosmetic Surgery prices in Delhi are most affordable. Book an appointment now! Contact us on 8860906117.

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