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    Mole Removal treatment

    What is mole?

    Facial moles are one of the common cosmetic problems. Moles develop form the pigment producing cells of skin called as melanocytes. When these cells get deposited in large number at a particular site in skin they produce mole. Moles are of variable colour, size and shape .It may be as smaller (1 mm) or larger (few cm) in size. It can be flat or raised above from the skin surface. Their color may be variable ranging from light brown to black in appearance. In some races it is considered as sign of beauty.

    What are the causes of moles?

    Exact cause of developing mole in skin is not known. Some time It is present at the time of birth but it also develop after birth. Most commonly it develops in fair skinned person who are exposed to sun light.

    Different types of Moles

    a. Congenital


    These moles are present at the time of birth. It can be smaller in size of very large in size and are called as nevi. Larger moles are at risk of developing cancer. A person having more than 100 congenital mole is having chance of developing cancer


    Congenital mole



    b. Atypical or dysplastic moles


    Dysplastic or atypical moles are irregular in size shape and color . they have greater chance of developing can.


    Atypical Mol

    Atypical mole


    c. Acquired


    These are most common mole and it develop with the sun exposure and environmental exposure. They are not harmful.

    Is mole harmful?

    In most of cases moles are usually harmless. It is considered as benign growth. But if somebody is having atypical features in the mole like itching, discharge or ulcer then one should consult with a qualified doctor

    What are the danger signs in mole?

    Moles are usually brown black in appearance. If a mole start rapidly increasing in size, becomes lighter in color or irregular shape at margins then it is a danger sign. If anybody has more than 50 moles on his body he should be very careful and keep looking for danger sign developing in mole at regular interval.


    When moles develop ulcer on its surface and start bleeding or discharging then it is considered as a malignant or danger sign.

    Problems with Moles

    Moles are usually painless It produces only cosmetic problem. Large mole on cheek and scalp get injured while shaving and combing scalp hairs respectively. Some persons consider it as a beauty spot on their face. Mole of bigger size not looks good so most of persons want to get it removed. In very few cases it produces cancer and then it needs urgent and aggressive treatment.

    How is mole treated?

    There are various methods to remove moles. Commonly used methods are Laser Surgery. Laser burns the mole up-to its depth in skin. If mole is going deep in skin then after laser one may have a depressed scar. Some moles are larger in size and grossly elevated above the skin surface. They are ideally removed by surgical treatment. Surgery may leave a linear scar depending upon the size of mole these scar becomes minimally visible after some time.

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