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    Lip Enhancement in Delhi with “No-Touch” Technique

    May 19, 2017

    Plump and full lips are considered as beauty and healthy lips. Thinning of lips may occur due to the natural process of ageing, however, some people are born with thin lips, whatever may be the reason there are many ways to increase them. Many injections such as synthetic or natural fillers will help to plump your lips for time being. Apart from non-surgical treatment, there are other surgical procedures available for the permanent solution. Each year many people who are choosing lip enhancement in Delhi and are happy with the results.

    Lip Enhancement Procedure

    The cosmetic surgeon in Delhi will offer you the best procedures depending on your recovery time and aesthetic goals. He might suggest you go for 2-3 procedures to achieve your goals. It might be appropriate to have two or more of these procedures to achieve the right look for you. There are mainly two types of injections, the cosmetic surgeon choice.

    1. Injections (fat transfer)
      The autologous fat from your body can be taken by liposuction and injected into your lips. Many injections may be needed to get the desired results.
    2. Injections (fillers)
      Synthetic or natural fillers are used to plump up the lips, this filler is a biocompatible material which acts as a fat substitute. One filler is sufficient to get desired results. However, these fillers are temporary and stay for one-year maximum. Lip fillers are the injection by the needle of a hyaluronic acid solution, which transforms into a gel-like texture in the dermis of the skin. Creating a pumper and a full lip shape. The hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in our skin and it makes the skin retain moisture.

    Non-surgical lip enchantment is painless, the surgeon will first prepare the injections with fillers, the expert or surgeon will apply the numbing cream on your lips. Now the fat collagen or other synthetic or natural materials is injected carefully into your lips which will add volume to your lips. After this procedure, you can return to your normal activities. At our clinic, we provide many other cosmetic procedures in Delhi which are minimally invasive and rejuvenate your skin.

    When to think Lip Enhancement

    • Choose lip enhancement when your lips are thin and they disappear when you smile.
    • Ageing can make your lips become thinner, small and they do not look full.
    • Plump and full lips will help to balance out your face.


    Things you need to know about Lip Fillers

    • Lip fillers last from 6-12 months depending on the amount injected.
    • If you get lip fillers more than once, the results last longer for maximum 12 months.
    • Lip augmentation is not a onetime procedure; it takes a minimum of 4 days after injecting.
    • The procedure is next to painless as the lips are numbed in advanced injecting.
    • After the injection, lips will become very swollen and brushing can be minimal or severe.
    • Lip fillers are not 100% smooth. As lumps can be felt within the mouth where the solution is concentrated.
    • With lip enhancement, you will get instant plump lips.
    • Lip fillers are developed to enhance your natural beauty.
    • The hyaluronic acid which is injected occurs naturally in the body and they have minimal swelling.
    • You can control the lip volume.


    For any requirement of cosmetic surgery in Delhi consult Dr S.K. Chawla, the best cosmetic surgeon. Our expertise in clinical cosmetic surgeries with reasonable cosmetic surgery prices in Delhi is proven.

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