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    Liposuction not to be confused with Obesity Surgery

    April 21, 2017

    Generally, liposuction is misunderstood as obesity surgery whereas both the surgeries have a different outcome. Obesity surgery is also called as bariatric surgery that helps in losing weight.


    Liposuction is the removal of fat from your body using suction. During the liposuction procedure, small, thin and blunt-tipped tubes called cannulae are inserted through the small incisions in the skin. Cannula helps in removing fat from the target areas. Liposuction in Delhi is common and for the best and successful liposuction in Delhi consult South Delhi Cosmetic clinic.

    There are different types of liposuction techniques and the most common types are:

    • Tumescent Liposuction

    A local anaesthetic is commonly used to numb the area of your body for making incisions. Before starting the traditional liposuction, a large amount of local anaesthetic solution is injected into the fatty tissues present in the target area. A general anaesthesia is not required during the tumescent liposuction technique. General anaesthesia will make you fall asleep throughout the procedure.

    • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction

    Ultrasound-assisted liposuction aids in liquefying the fat that makes it easier to remove. The ultrasound technique used in this liposuction will help in removing fat from the regions like the neck, upper abdomen, sides and back.

    • Laser-assisted liposuction

    During this type of liposuction, low-energy waves are used to liquefy the fat. The fat that is liquefied through laser can be removed through a small cannula. Laser lipo in Delhi is comparatively famous than other types.

    Bariatric or Obesity Surgery

    Obesity surgery or bariatric surgery mainly helps people with extreme obesity to lose weight. Bariatric surgery is considered as an option only when you are unable to lose weight through diet and exercise.

    The main aim of bariatric or obesity surgery is to limit the amount of food you intake. There are few surgeries that also help in deciding how you digest food and absorb nutrients. This procedure causes malabsorption of nutrients or gastric restriction. In few cases, it may cause both malabsorption and gastric restrictions.

    Bariatric surgery often causes hormonal changes in your body. Minimally invasive techniques are usually used in obesity surgery. The most common bariatric surgery procedures include:

    • Gastric bypass
    • Sleeve gastrectomy
    • Adjustable gastric band
    • Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch

    Difference between Bariatric and Liposuction Surgery

    Category Liposuction Bariatric Surgery
    Definition Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps in removing fat from the different targeted regions of your body Bariatric surgery is meant for obese people and helps in reducing appetite.
    Essential requirements Liposuction is performed by using small thin cannulas that aids in removing fat deposits This does not require any special instrument. During this procedure, the complete anatomy of your gastrointestinal tract is changed.
    Candidates Men or women with excessive fat in the selected parts of your body will be able to undergo liposuction. Obese individuals can only opt for bariatric surgery. Tummy tuck surgery is also required for both men and women after the bariatric procedure.
    Benefits The effect of liposuction remains unaltered when the person is able to maintain a normal healthy weight. The results of bariatric surgery are meant for lifetime thus, considered as long-lasting. General precautions need to be kept in mind after the surgery to avoid complication.
    Importance of the method Liposuction helps in sculpturing or reshaping your body that may aim to produce a smooth figure. Liposculpture in Delhi is provided at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, liposuction cost in Delhi is reasonable and the treatment is done at competitive rates. Bariatric surgery can decrease the death rate in obese individuals. When exercise and diet do not work, bariatric surgery can be used to fight obesity.


    The above points clearly indicate the difference between liposuction and bariatric surgery. Generally, tummy tuck surgery is required after the bariatric surgery to achieve a flat tummy. Liposuction is one of the common cosmetic procedures in Delhi. Dr. Surender Chawla is known for successful liposuction surgery in Delhi.

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