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    How to Prevent Fat Deposition after Liposuction Surgery

    June 22, 2017

    Liposuction surgeryLiposuction surgery is one the most commonly performed  cosmetic surgery in India. It is one of the effective ways to lose resistant fat from different body areas like waist, stomach, buttocks, thighs, etc. Whatever the area you go for fat reduction the recovery after liposuction surgery varies from individual to individual. It generally depends on the total amount of fat that is removed during the procedure. It is very crucial to maintain the weight and fat of your body after liposuction and you should make sure that you are not putting back on the weight and fat.

    Few tips which will keep the fat off after a successful liposuction surgery.

    1. Physical Activity
      After the surgery, the doctor will recommend you to take complete rest first few days. After a day you can engage yourself by starting moderate physical activities and you can resume light exercise after 2-4 weeks. It is advisable to return to the desk or sedentary job within 2-3 days after the surgery, but some people may feel little fatigue and sore. If you are completely fine, then you can go with your work. However, after two months, you can start doing intensive exercise. You can choose any form of exercise like yoga,brisk walk, lifting weights, jogging, sports, etc.
    2. Wear Elastic Compression Garments
      Generally after tumescent liposuction you are advised for elastic compression garments. These garments are worn on the waist, hips, breasts, back, thighs after the liposuction surgery . These garments designed in such a way that it provides firm compression to promote drainage of the residual fluid, reduce swelling and soreness. It also help you achieving good body shape. Elastic compression garments should be worn after liposuction surgery for 6-8 weeks or more.
    3. Hydrate Yourself
      People after liposuction start eating more; overeating is one of the main culprits to gain weight and fat easily. To avoid weight and fat gain after liposuction procedure , make sure that you are drinking more water every day. You might be confused with hunger and thirst, this may lead to overeating and though a glass of water may satisfy you. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water is great for your skin, helps in weight loss, flushes toxins, increases energy and boosts the immune system of your body.
    4. Do not Skip your Breakfast
      The first meal of the day is really the most important part of the day. Eating breakfast will kick start your metabolism and makes you feel healthy throughout the day. Breakfast will increase energy, mood, and concentration. Try to have a healthy combination of high in protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc to fuel the body.
    5. Avoid unhealthy foods
      If you don’t want to gain the lost fat back after liposuction surgery, you should stop eating junk and unhealthy food. All unhealthy foods are loaded with high calories and fat. Avoid processed and unhealthy foods such as nachos, cake, pizza, potato chips; ice cream all these will not help you lose weight. Make sure that you are staying away from refined carbs, starchy foods like pasta, bread, crackers, rice, cereal, and baked goods. Try to eliminating or reduce these foods to maintain your weight.

    If you want to prevent fat returning after fat reduction liposuction surgery, then you should follow all these above 5 tips to maintain that healthy body shape. If you are willing to go for liposuction surgery in Delhi, you can consult South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic. Liposuction procedure in Delhi is a common type of cosmetic surgery in Delhi. Dr. Surendra Chawla is the best cosmetic surgeon who can perform successful liposuction in Delhi with less liposuction cost.

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