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    Chin Augmentation Reduction (Genioplasty)

    Chin Augmentation and Reduction for Reshaping

    Chin augmentation genioplasty and reduction genioplasty are commonly performed chin reshaping surgeries. Most of the people who are coming for chin reshaping surgeries want to have a strong chin. A strong chin is considered as a sign of masculinity. It is achieved by chin augmentation.

    Chin reshaping may be done along with jaw reshaping or jaw contouring.

    Chin is made of bone of the lower jaw ( mandible). The growth of the lower-jaw is responsible for the shape and size of the chin.

    More forward growth – protruding chin

    Less growth – retruded chin

    More vertical growth- long chin

    Less vertical growth – small chin

    Chin Augmentation genioplasty surgery-

    chin augmentation surgery enhances the vertical length and horizontal length. In this surgery, the surgeon cuts the bone of the lower jaw ( chin area) below the roots of the teeth. He then moves the bone forward ( Sliding genioplasty) and fixes it with plates and screws. This chin looks protruded or prominent. This surgery

    sometimes bone graft is used to enhance chin. Your surgeon move the bone forward and downward. So he not only increase the length but also make chin more protruded and enhancement is done.

    Augmentation Genioplasty by Chin Implant:-

    Chin Implants are commonly used for chin enhancement. These implants help to make the chin more prominent. These implants also increase the height of the chin.

    There Are different types of chin implants. It depends upon the material they are made of. Most commonly used implants are made of silicone or porous polyethylene.

    Chin implants are inserted through a small cut either inside the mouth on the skin under the chin. This implant is fixed with a screw. This surgery is done in anesthesia so you don’t feel any pain.

    Chin implant surgery takes less time than bony surgery. Recovery after chin implant is also faster.

    Chin surgery Cost-

    Chin surgery cost in Delhi, India for augmentation by bony surgery and chin implant is different. It is much less than in European countries.

    Augmentation genioplasty cost starts from 800 USD. The cost of surgery depends upon the method of surgery, general or local anesthesia, types of implant, the experience of the surgeon, and hospital cost.

    Side Effects of Chin

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