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    Scar revision – injury,burn

    Cosmetic Procedure in Delhi for Scar revision – Injury or Burn Treatment by best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

    Scar or injury and burn mark is the deformity of skin. Increased number of Industrial, Automobile accident have made this deformity more frequent among both men and women.


    Scar or mark is produced by our skin in the response to any kind of injury inflicted to the skin. Most common causeof various scars produced in both men and women are Burns, Injury, Assault, Accident, Infection, Surgery, Bomb Blast.


    Scars not only produce the cosmetic deformities but also produce various functional deformities. If scar is involving or situated near any mobile organ or part of body like eyelid, lips joints then various kind of functional deformities are produced. These deformities limit the movement of involved organ and make a person dependent on others.


    Sometime healing process of the body produce scar tissue in excess amount which is not only disturbing from cosmetic point but also cause pain , itching and burning sensation to the people . These scars are called as Keloids or Hypertrophied Scars. Keloids are common after burn or deeper injury of skin.


    The limitation or tightening of the skin and fundamental muscles which might escort scar development is called ascontracture. Contractures might hinder with array of movement and other portions of joint interactions, as well as distort the shape of the hand or other body part. Contractures in the face often influence the muscles which produce facial expression.


    Scar revision or removal surgery is done to enhance the look of the patient’s face or other exposed body part. However it is also performed to restore or enhance functioning when the formation of a scar impede with the group of muscles and joints.

    Before going for scar correction or scar removal surgery one should have realistic expectation with surgery and its results. We ensure that scar can never be eradicated completely but it can be improved or made least visible.


    Scar removal surgery includes number of process which are performed to improve scar tissue by Surgery, Laser, Injection or to make the scars less visible. The specific methods which are carried out mainly depends on the type of scar, affected area and size and the quality of your skin surrounding the scar.


    Depending upon the Size , Shape, Age of Scar, involved Body organ, deformities produced and considering various other factors various methods or surgeries are done to improve marks or scars. These methods are used individually or in combination to produce maximum results.

    Various Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi methods of Scar correction are



    • Excision of scar
    • Serial Excision
    • Skin Grafting
    • Flap Advancement
    • Z-Plasty
    • V-Y Advancement
    • Expander Insertion
    • Dermabrasion
    • Laser Resurfacing
    • Subcision
    • Fat grafting
    • Filler and Botox


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