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    What is Gynecomastia Surgery

    August 2, 2018

    Gynecomastia Surgery

    Man breast reduction surgery Gynecomastia surgery

    Gynecomastia surgery is done in man for the treatment of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a problem of man approximately 30-40% of young men between 25-30 year of age have the problem of gynecomastia. Those suffering from this problem are disturbed with their chest shape.

    Gynecomastia surgery has three steps and these are –

    1. Gland removal
    2. Liposuction of chest fat
    3. Excess skin removal

    Out of these steps some men need only one step to correct gynecomastia but some may need all three steps of gynecomastia surgery.

    Removal of Breast gland –

    All young man of approximately below 35 years of age need breast gland removal. This gland is removed through a small cut near nipple. Gland removal is done in such a way that it does not give bad scar. Almost scar-less gland removal give very pleasing results. Gland is harder so can not be removed by liposuction.

     Those who are involved in body building need gland removal not liposuction.

    Liposuction of Chest –

    Liposuction surgery is most  important part of “gynaecomastia surgery”. Liposuction removes fat within and around the breast gland. Without liposuction it is difficult to get good chest shape. Liposuction is done through a small cut in skin which heals very well and does not give any bad scar.

     It is most important step for chest shaping. Sometime reshaping of chest also needs removal of fat from side of chest and near underarm.

     Skin Removal –

    In some cases gynecomastia is of severe grade and nipple and areola ( black skin around nipple ) are much below their normal position. In these cases sometime excess skin is also removed along with the lift of nipple. Mostly we prefer to do it in second stage after gynecomastia  treatment.

     Nipple reduction –

    In some cases of male breast nipple is very large in size and look very prominent through clothes. These nipples need reduction in height and width so that chest appears like that of man.

    Out of all these steps one or more than one steps of gynecomastia surgery are done in those who are suffering from man breast problem.

    Man Breast Reduction Surgery before after

    Complication of gynecomastia surgery –

    Like any other surgery gynecomastia surgery is associated with few shorth term and few long term complication

    Short term complications are swelling, bleeding, infection , suture gaping, blood mixed fluid discharge from the operated site . These problems occur in 2-5% cases only. Most of these problems relieves within few days.

    Long term complications are rare and main complications are skin laxity, incomplete removal asymmetry of chest.

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