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Does hair Transplant Procedure Hurts You Must Know

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Does hair Transplant Procedure Hurts

December 11, 2019

Pain in Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Although Hair implant is an invasive procedure but patients don’t feel any pain when it is performed . This treatment is done under local anaesthesia in which transplant surgeon inject numbing solution (Xylocaine) into scalp to make it numb and you don’t feel any pain during surgery.

Although pain during surgery is almost nil and patient is very comfortable during surgery but one must know that Pain during surgery surgery depends upon-

1. Technique of hair transplant- Normally hair transplantation is done by tow most commonly used method . One is FUT or strip method and other is FUE method. Out of these two methods FUE is least painful because in this no cut is given in the scalp skin

2. Experience and Gentle touch of hair transplant surgeon is very important because injecting anaesthesia in a gentle manner makes your hair transplant experience wonderful. If hair transplantation surgeon does not inject properly than it can be nightmare also.

3.Knowledge of scalp anatomy is very important . A hair surgeon who is well versed with anatomy gives few injection and your head becomes totally numb.

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