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    September 22, 2015

    Hair Transplant in Delhi, Hair Transplantation Delhi, Hair Transplant Clinic

    What is Hair transplant, Hair Grafting?

    Hair Transplant is a surgical method of hair restoration or treating baldness. It is a sophisticated and technically demanding procedure to give you good results. During hair transplant procedure hair roots or follicles are taken from the back and side of head where they persist in all bald person.

    Causes of baldness?

    In most of cases Baldness is genetically determined, in most cases it runs in Families. In such cases hair loss mostly occur in front or centre of head. Hair roots in these areas are affected by male hormones that is why they fall after puberty.

    Principle behind hair transplant.

    Hair transplant is basically redistribution of remaining hair (from back and sides of head) to bald area or at the site of decreased hair density. The male hormones have negative effect on the growth of hair roots on front and centre of head but not on hairs of the back of head. This is why hairs on back of head persist even up-to old age. In hair transplant, we transfer these hairs from the back of head and after transplantation on front they are not affected by hormones.

    What is the best donor site of the hairs

    In most of the cases we take hairs from the back oh head of same person. But in those cases who do not have adequate no of hair on back of head, we can take body hair for transplant.

    How long will transplanted hair stay? (Are they permanent?)

    Transplanted hairs will stay on head till you hairs of donor site (back side of head) stay. They are not affected by hormones so their life span is very long.

    Dose the transplanted hairs grow like natural hairs

    As we transfer the roots in bald area they keep on producing new hairs so transplanted hair look like natural hairs and keep on growing in length.

    Different Techniques of hair transplant we offer

    In South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic we offer hair transplant by two very effective and latest techniques –

    1. Micro-follicular or Strip method
    2. FUE method

    Micro-follicular or Strip technique

    In this procedure, our cosmetic surgeon harvest a long strip of hair bearing skin from back of head. Then a team of highly efficient technician under magnification separate hair roots from the strip. Our surgeon closes donor area of strip by a special technique called as trichophytic closure. It gives you a linear and almost invisible scar.

    FUE Method

    It is commonly known as painless stitch-less, scar-less technique. In this method our surgeon take out individual follicle or hair roots from back of head by a highly specific technique & machine. After harvesting hair roots, donor area usually heals within 72 hrs.

    Implantation of grafts or roots

    Technique of implanting hair follicles remains same in both Micro-follicular and FUE method. Hair roots or grafts are implanted in bald area by our doctor only. He makes tiny holes in a specific angle and direction so that hairs grow like natural hairs. Then, individual hair follicle graft is transplanted in each hole in bald area.

    Duration of hair transplant surgery

    Depending upon the number of hair one require to cover the bald area duration vary from 6-12 hours.

    Pain during or after transplant

    Hair transplant by strip or FUE Method is almost pain less as it is done by making your head numb by injecting medicine below your skin. After hair transplant you are given painkiller so that you remain comfortable and feel pain-free.

    Post-operative care

    After hair transplant we prefer to keep bandage on head for 3-4 days. On 5th day we remove all the bandages and allow you to shampoo your head and keep it open. After strip method we remove all stitches on 7th day. You are not advised bed rest. You can perform your daily activities.

    Result after transplant

    Transplanted hair shafts are shed off gradually but implanted roots remain below skin and start forming new hairs which keep on growing, gradually. You will notice new hairs coming out of skin after 2 months but final result will be after 10- 12 months.

     Different Techniques of Hair Transplant

    Hair is very important to enhance the look for a person for both male and female. Younger look is imparted by good number and quality of hair. Hair loss at teen age is very traumatic for a person. Baldness in young age is not accepted socially and mentally. It affects the body image and self confidence of a person.

    Initially men used to hide their baldness either by wearing cap or by wig. Later on with the advent of hair transplant technique some surgeon started transplanting hair successfully but the technique was not very refined and so the results of transplanted hair. Initially group of follicles were transplanted. Most of the persons were not very satisfied with the technique and result.\

    With the advancement and refinement in the technique of hair transplant, plastic surgeons started doing single follicle hair transplant. In this method a strip of hair bearing strip of skin is taken out by surgery. A team of trained persons under magnification take out the individual follicle from the strip. These follicles are implanted at the bald site of head. This method is known as strip or FUT hair transplant method. By this method, although the results of hair transplant were very rewarding but most of men were not very comfortable with the linear scar they get on back of head. Usually this scar is hidden under the hairs but it is visible in those who have very short hairs. Most of them complain of little bit pain even after very long time and it is visible when they have very short hairs.

    Marking of  strip harvesting  site

    Scar at strip harvesting site

    Now a days an ultra refined technique known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant) technique has been developed. This is also known as stitch less, Scar less method. In this method strip is not removed from back of head but individual follicles are taken out by very small punch. After surgery person have very tiny holes on the back of head which heal within 3-4 days. Once every thing is healed nobody can identify the site of hair follicle removal and hair transplant performed. Discomfort after surgery is very minimal and most of candidates are very happy with the final result as there is no visible scar and one can resume work in a day or two.

    Tiny holes immediately after graft harvesting Harvested grafts

    Robotic hair transplant

    This is also FUE method but follicles are extracted by vacuum suction and gets collected in a saline filled bottled in machine named as robot in place of manual extraction of follicle. Some people says that it is a method of rapid harvesting of graft but those who are doing hair transplant regularly can harvest with same speed

    Method of hair implantation

    At bald site is same in both techniques. Surgeon Dr Surendra Chawla makes very tiny holes by needle at bald site. These holes are made at a specific angle and in specific direction. Usually 35-45 hair follicles are implanted in 1.0 cm x 1.0 cm area. If more holes are made in a limited area than survival of hair graft is hampered by limited blood supply.

    DHI or direct hair implantation

    This is a misnomer. Although some people call it as different technique but in this method also hair follicle harvesting and implantation is done by same way. Only difference is that grafts are immediately implanted after removal from head so they are not kept out of body for very long time. Some studies say that results are almost same by this method and other method.

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