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    Injury Scar- How To Remove a Forehead Skin Scar By Plastic Surgery?

    April 24, 2019

    Forehead Injury Scar|Scar Removal Surgery Delhi

    Injury scar on face are not acceptable to anybody. Both men and women are very concerned about scar on face. So Many of them visit plastic surgery clinic for scar removal surgery.

    Mr Vikram presented with a bad injury scar on forehead after a roadside accident. It was creating cosmetic problem to him. He was very much concerned with bad appearance of face. According to him, this scar was affecting his personality and confidence.

    Foread Injury Mark

    He visited plastic surgeon for consultation regarding treatment. He was examined and advised for plastic surgery treatment of scar. Doctor informed him that scar can be improved up-to great extent but would not vanish completely. 

    Causes of Injury Scar

    Various types of injuries produce different types of scar on face and other body part. Every injury heal by some form of scar. Which type of scar is produced depends on how severe was the injury.

    Different types of injuries leading to scars are burn injury, assault, road side of accident, cut injury.

    Various factors are responsible for Bad scar. Few of them are-

    1. Deep injury

    2. skin loss

    3. Infection

    4. Badly treated injury

    5. Bad surgery planning

    Scar revision Plastic surgery is the option to improve scar greatly. Later on laser can further improve the scar. laser treatment is advised after 3 months.

    Our plastic surgeon operated Mr vikram and injury scar was removed by Plastic surgery treatment. It was done by making the forehead numb. Forehead Scar was removed and it healed very well. All stitches were removed after 4 days. There was no complication after surgery. After 2 weeks post surgery care was advised for 6-8 weeks.

    before after

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