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    Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

    February 7, 2019

    Laser vaginal Rejuvenation in Delhi

    Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Laser vaginal rejuvenation means when laser is used for the Laser vaginal therapy. There is a misconception that laser is helpful in vaginal tightening.  Some doctors refer it as laser vaginal tightening.

    Vagina has muscles in its wall. When these muscles and other pelvic muscles become lax due to child birth and aging it causes vaginal laxity. This is corrected by vaginal muscles tightening surgery not by laser.

    Laser vaginal therapy is usually combined with vaginal tightening surgery.

    Laser treatment is commonly used for various rejuvenation treatments now days. Vaginal rejuvenation by laser is used to improve the various changes in inner layer of vagina.

    Role of Laser Treatment in vaginal rejuvenation

    There are certain changes which develop in vagina with advancing age. As the age advances, level of female hormones within the body decrease. Low female hormone level brings certain unwanted changes in the inner layer of vagina. These changes are-

    • Inner layer of vagina become thin.
    • There is dryness of inner layer due to lack of lubricating substance
    • Irritation or burning of inner wall of vagina.

    These symptoms and signs progress with age and women are not able to perform intercourse with their partner. This deteriorates their quality of life and self esteem.

    Laser vaginal therapy for innerwall of vagina has given better results in such cases. It is safe and effective method to relief vaginal symptom.

    What is most effective Laser?

    Co2 fractional laser is most commonly used laser for vaginal rejuvenation. It should be given only by experienced doctor or cosmetic surgeon by. This laser produces laser micro-beam which act on inner wall of vagina. It stimulates new collagen production after laser vaginal rejuvenation. This regeneration process start after few days of the treatment and continue for few weeks.

    Is Laser vaginal Treatment Painful?

      Laser Vaginal Therapy is almost painless procedure

    What are the Positive changes develop in the inner layer of vagina ?

      Laser treatment of vagina improves the thickness of inner wall and corrects the dryness by enhancing the hydration. It also corrects the pH of secretion from vaginal glands. All these changes reduce the risk of infection.

    Is laser rejuvenation a one-time treatment or done repeatedly?

     Usually 3-4 sessions are recommended at the interval of 6-8 weeks to get the adequate results.

    What is the recovery time after treatment?

    After vaginal rejuvenation women feel discomfort in the vagina for couple of days. Antiseptic creams are prescribed to apply during this period. Women can join their office after 2-3 days.

    For further information about laser Vaginal rejuvenation visit at http://southdelhicosmeticclinic.net/contact-us/ or call at 011-26276580

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