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    Less Beard & Moustaches

    December 30, 2016

    Every man has some soft light coloured hair on his face and in beard and moustache area. These soft and light coloured hairs are called vellus hair. When you reach puberty the hormonal level increases in your body.  The hormones that are increased in your body include:

    • Testosterone
    • Adrenal hormone
    • 17-OH progesterone
    • DHEAS
    • Growth hormone
    • LH
    • FSH
    • DHT

    There will be a decrease in the SHBG hormone in your body. Increase in hormonal levels acts on various sensors called receptors in the hair roots of your face and other parts of your body. There will be an interaction between the hormones and the receptors. After the interaction, certain changes occur in the hair root cell functioning results in increased thickness of your hair.

    The hair becomes thick, long and more black pigments are produced that makes your hair darker. These hormonal changes also increase the blood supply in your hair roots leading to more availability of growth factors. Thus, your hair grows faster, darker and stronger.

    Hormonal growth factors are present in high concentration in your body during the development of secondary genital characters.  There will be persistent stimulation of hair growth for the next 2-3 years till the genital development is complete.

    Causes of Less Beard and Moustache

    There are different factors that are responsible for less beard and moustache. The common factors are:

    1. Male hormone deficiency
    2. Growth factor deficiency
    3. Zinc deficiency
    4. Testosterone biosynthesis defects
    5. Congenital adrenal hyperplasis
    6. Alopecia universalis
    7. Poor or no development of hair roots
    8. Growth hormone deficiency
    9. Progeria
    10. Trichotelomania
    11. Structural defects of hair shaft
    12. Diffuse non-scarring alopecia
    13. Certain medication

    Out of the above mentioned causes, male hormone deficiency is the common cause of less facial hair in men. Male hormone deficiency results in low levels of male hormones like testosterone and androstenidione.

    Diagnosis of Less Facial Hair

    Certain blood tests are done to diagnose the possible cause of less facial hair. Apart from regular blood tests, a complete male hormone profile is done to check the level of hormones and their affects on testosterone production.

    Less Facial Hair Treatment

    The common treatment for less facial hair includes hormone therapy. Hormone levels can be maintained in the body with the help of certain medications. In most of the cases oral medication is used to maintain the hormonal balance in your body.

    Male hormone replacement is the common treatment used to cure less facial hair. Hormone replacement therapy is also used for hair loss treatment. The common treatments and therapies that can be used for less facial hair include:

    1. Medication to increase the blood supply to hair roots
    2. H. therapy
    3. IGF therapy
    4. Growth factor therapy
    5. Micronutrient therapy
    6. Hair transplant therapy
    7. Gene therapy

    Less facial hair can be treated either by medication or by hair transplant surgeries. You can consult cosmetic surgeons at South Delhi cosmetic clinic for treatment. Hair regrowth in Delhi is a common treatment that is used by most of the people. Hair transplant in Delhi is generally used for alopecia related cases. Consult hair clinic in Delhi for hair loss and less facial hair treatment.

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