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    Liposuction of Calf

    February 13, 2019

    Liposuction Of Calf | Liposuction of Leg and  Reduction of Calf in Delhi

    calf and Leg Liposuction

    Liposuction of calf is demanded by few of person mainly by women these days. Usually liposuction of tummy, thigh, hip and arm is demanded. Few of women has slim upper body but they have bulky calves. These women are often willing to undergo liposuction treatment of calf.

    Calf and lower leg have a well defined shape  in both man and women. In some people when there is fat deposition which hides its curves then it looks aesthetically unpleasant. Calf appear bulky and club shaped. This is also called as Lipodystrophy of leg.  Liposuction of leg can reduce and reshape the calf. 

    Calf reduction surgery is done by liposuction. Reshaping of calf is a day care procedure. Day care mean you need not to get admitted in hospital for more than few hours. This treatment should be done by experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon only. Calf liposuction is done under local anesthesia in this only calf area becomes numb. This is commonly called as tumescent anesthesia.

    Who is not the right candidate for calf Liposuction?

         Some people who have tendency of rapid blood clotting or who had episode of blood coagulation in leg veins or inflammation of veins are not the right candidate for liposuction of ankle and calf. People who have long standing leg swelling  and  varicose vein problem are not good candidate.

    What is Post Liposuction care of Leg?

            After Liposuction of leg and calf you are advised to wear special stockings to wear. These stockings are called as pressure garment. You are advised to wear it for couple of months. It helps in reducing post liposuction swelling of leg. You should avoid prolong standing. 

    What are the risks with calf reduction liposuction?

          As every procedure or invasive treatment is associated with few complication or risk factors so is liposuction  reduction of calf. Tenderness and skin bruises are short term side effects. Leg edema is main side effect which may persist for few months. It needs a good post treatment care. 

    For further query about the liposuction of leg write us at http://southdelhicosmeticclinic.net/contact-us/  or contact us at 9811827580

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